Can't catch a break... 8

After working all week in the north I decided to stick around for a quite and relaxing visit with my mom and brother. Having a full time girlfriend is hard work so getting a break was very refreshing. Then to my surprise, Erin showed up. I think she is stocking me…

Being the first time Erin has seen Yellowknife not buried in snow, we decided to take her for a hike at Cameron falls. It was a gorgeous fall day and was able to get some nice pictures:

Working up an appetite proved to be worth while as that night we feasted. It’s funny that I go north and get fed fresh Atlantic lobster. Life is good.

Scott had just got back from his tour of the Arctic so it was nice to see his pictures and hear stories of polar bears and private helicopters.

As always it was nice to get home to visit family and friends and have a home cooked meal from ma.
































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