Canada Day Brady Cup Invitational Golf Tournament

Canada Day Brady Cup Invitational Golf Tournament 11


This past September long weekend I had the awesome privilege of attending the “Canada Day Brady Cup Invitational Golf Tournament.” Why is a Canada Day tournament being played in September you ask? Well this year the Brady’s “cottage” received a make over which delayed the festivities…and what a makeover indeed. This little piece of paradise overlooks the Strait of Georgia and is owned by Scott and Tricia Brady – an incredibly warm and friendly couple that not only puts up with her sons friends, but makes them feel at home. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was a great weekend at what felt like an amazing Island B&B.


Eats, golf, eat some more

We were truly spoiled. We literally golfed all day, feasted at night, drank, slept, then rinsed and repeated. One night we had “Nanoose Bay Paella” an incredible dish that I will be sharing under “Worldly Eats” soon. Another night we had a huge crab boil. So. Much. Butter and crab.




3 rounds in total were played highlighted by the incredibly picturesque and pristine Fairwinds Golf Club. Challenging, a fun layout, and beautifully maintained from start to finish – this course is a gem.



Consolation win

So I didn’t win the golf tournament but I did win (tie) in a match of the ridiculous drunken box game. What is this game you ask? Well you start with an empty box of beer and, one by one, pick it up with your mouth without touching the ground with your hands…or face. Once everyone has gone you tear an inch or so off the box and go again. Think of it like a limbo competition…only with more beer and less tequila…and for your mouth. Looking at me one is quick to say “hey I bet that guy can’t pick something of the ground with his face hole.” Well to those naysayers I say this, “I am very bendy.” I first discovered that I possessed this odd talent a couple years ago in Mexico when I was introduced to the game. Now if only I could use this knowledge for good and not evil.


For a better understanding check out this video from robynmichelles

Thanks again to the Brady’s. Can’t wait for next years tourney.

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