Buying Guide for Auto Trail Motorhomes

Having a motorhome can be incredibly convenient for the rest of your travels; not only does it provide a home away from home, but you are able to travel to new destinations with much less hassle. Giving you the ability to take the whole family away under one roof, a motorhome can seem like a great investment. Your only problem now is to decide which motorhome you want!

With so many different manufacturers on the market, you may not know where to start; there’s such a thing as having too much choice! If you’re hoping to invest in a motorhome for you and your family’s future holidays, here is a guide on one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Follow this buying guide for Auto Trail motorhomes to help you in your decision-making.

The Auto Trail brand

Becoming a prominent brand in the 1980s, Auto Trail has been a popular choice for luxury vehicles ever since. Developing motorhomes that show off craftsmanship and innovation, the brand has created a motorhome for every family.

1 in 3 Auto Trail motorhomes sold in the UK are manufactured at the Grimsby manufacturing plant, the company prides itself on its British roots. Offering a high standard of comfort as well as safety, Auto Trail motorhomes are designed with attention to detail. With an extensive catalogue of motorhome styles, there’s something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for a new motorhome, here are the different ranges of Auto Trail motorhome currently available.

Auto Trail Tribute

Auto Trail is a motorhome brand that is always reinventing itself and adding new product lines, in order to make sure families can benefit from ongoing research and development in motorhome design.

The Tribute range is designed to be practical and compact with enough room for the whole family. Auto Trail Tribute motorhomes come in an extended range of 10 models, including some van conversions. A versatile approach to motorhome holidays, it offers comfortable accommodation with all the features of a larger vehicle.

Auto Trail Imala

The Imala range from Auto Trail brings affordable luxury to families and couples. With a focus on the journey instead of the destination, Imala motorhomes feature innovative layouts and smart storage to help you get the most out of this range. Making the motorhome more accessible, the Imala range consists of 7 different models for you to choose from. With a more adventurous take on motorhome holidays, Auto Trail Imala has different options from compact vehicles to spacious, flexible spaces.

Auto Trail Tracker

The Tracker range from Auto Trail continues to be compact and practical, but doesn’t compromise. A motorhome that is just as comfortable on the motorway as it is on winding country lanes, Tracker motorhomes have stood the test of time over the last 2 decades.

With 4 models to choose from, the Tracker range allows you to find the right one for your needs. With flexible beds, you can take advantage of a couples’ getaway, or take the kids too.

Auto Trail Apache

The Apache range from Auto Trail offers a higher standard of comfort and luxury with practical layouts. Offering a larger size of motorhome, the Apache range can comfortably house 6 people. Having been revised for 2017, the design of this range has been improved to offer a well-equipped base for your travels.

With 3 models to choose from, you can benefit from a spacious kitchen and generous bedrooms. Making every trip seamless and hassle-free, the Apache is a family-friendly tourer.


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