Building a better Shaun

Building a better Shaun 1

Consider this motivation through self-humiliation.

With trips planned to Florida and the Dominican republic in the next couple of months its probably a good time to get back into shape. Christmas hit me hard. It came candy coated and dipped in gravy with numerous dinner get together’s and goodies from friends. And when that was all over I was back home for meatloaf and delicious cheese soup.

and now here I am….Hello lady’s!

What better way to motivate yourself then publicly humiliating yourself? Damn, I look good…I mean really good. Maybe this will backfire? Maybe f I take a closer look…yup…that is disgusting. Wow.

Hopefully I can publish some results soon. If anyone else is up for a challenge I would be more than happy to post chunky pictures of you too.

till then, put down the Doritos.


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