Building a better Shaun – Week 1

Building a better Shaun - Week 1 2

Well its not exactly the kind of exercise I had in mind but it’s a start?

Mike got a Nintendo Wii this week and man is it fun. A  look into the future of video gaming. It comes with a few sports games that are geared towards kids but still a lot of fun. You actually have to get your rhino rump off the couch to play. Mike was sweating after 10 rounds of boxing yesterday. Nice. There is even a fitness test that gives you an age rating when your done. Mike got a 32, I got a 68. Mike has a co-worker that has no arms and she scored a 74. No lie. Looks like I should be hitting the real gym as well as the virtual one.

In all honesty I have been hitting the gym all week and am happy to report that things are progressing very well. Super duper.

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