Booking a Cruise Holiday? Here Are Some Must-Have Money-Saving Tips!

After trawling through hundreds of websites to try and find a good deal for your holiday, it’s easy to go with the first great offer you see. But wait. Getting a fantastic deal on your next cruise holiday needn’t be difficult because all it takes is a few savvy skills and easy-to-follow tips. So, without further ado, here’s how to get an unbeatable deal on your next holiday:

Try to Be Flexible with Your Cruise Holiday Dates

When you try to book airline tickets, you’ll find the prices vary dramatically each time you look, and it’s very much the same with cruise holidays. Therefore, the lowest possible fares are going to become available at the last minute. So if you can hold off booking and remain slightly flexible with your dates, you should get a better deal.

Often, these lower-priced tickets start to appear around three to six weeks before the cruise is due to set sail. However, if you are waiting for last-minute offers, be prepared to take the rooms that other guests aren’t as keen on – e.g. cabins without balconies.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Deals

At certain times of the year many cruise companies, like Bolsover Cruise Club Limited, will have different deals and promotions available. These tend to run from January to March, with a lot of airlines, travel companies and tour operators holding the same types of sales. So, to make sure you’re bagging these deals when they become available, be sure to sign up for emails and alerts that notify you of the offers.

Book in Plenty of Time

Although this may sound contradictory to our first tip, there are some benefits to booking your cruise well in advance. If you can prepare your next holiday at least 18 months ahead, you should be able to find great rates along with some added bonuses, such as upgrades and free drinks packages.

Go with a Large Group of People

If you’re organizing a trip to celebrate a memorable occasion or you and a large group of friends are going cruising, you may find one of you can travel free (you, ideally!). A lot of cruise companies reward large bookings by providing a free ticket for one of the group members. Even though these offers are normally limited to groups of sixteen or more, it’s worth trying to haggle for some discount if there are quite a few people travelling together.

As you can see, all it takes to book the cruise of a lifetime at the most affordable price is some smart shopping skills, flexibility and some good planning!


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