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Entities spend months and years dreaming and planning their yoga journey. For several, their life’s eternity is geared towards making this divine journey happen. Top of the list is undergoing a yogic odyssey that is traditional, holistic, spiritual, and enjoyable.

Yoga is the timeless science of healing and transformation with a mystical vastness and profound depth that demands years of a life of learning, understanding and exploring it entirely. With its physical, mental, and spiritual layers, the art of yoga touches its practitioners with its transformative powers in one way or the other. Many yoga enthusiasts aspire to yoga teacher training in India so they can accumulate and attain traditional yogic experiences from the land of its birth. Coming to India for yoga teacher training is enlightening. Here is a guide to what makes a Yoga School in India an ideal destination for realizing the heavenly dream of becoming a yoga teacher:

Recognition and Status:

Your reasons for turning into a yoga teacher can be numerous. For improving the physical, mental, and spiritual health, escalating the yoga practice on a concrete level, or to become a professional for spreading the wisdom of yoga. But one particular factor surely fills its status-quotient well and that is a Yoga Alliance validation status. Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International is the pivotal community governing the yoga industry. With yoga alliance certification, you are at the liberty to spread the yoga knowledge across the globe with sincerity and civility. On the land of India– Rishikul Yogshala, Shwaasa, etc., are some of the Yoga Alliance certified schools with 200-hour, 300-hour, 500-hour yoga teacher training programs under their banner promising a fruitful yoga career in future. Also, these schools offer yoga retreats, Hatha yoga teacher training, and Ashtanga yoga teacher training. The best yoga schools in India impart authentic and classical yoga learning along with ensuring a globally-recognized stature for their students. You can find the best of both worlds here.

Well-Crafted Curriculum

Being the motherland of Yoga, India is the place that nurtures the students with the spiritual aspect of yoga along with their physical and mental facets. The course curriculum is the backbone of the yoga teacher training programs ensuring that the students can delve into a comprehensive yoga knowledge in a desirable manner. The best yoga teacher training schools in India offer a well-crafted curriculum with a balanced theoretical and practical approach. The traditional styles of Yoga: Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga forms the core of the program along with the study of pranayama, meditation, shat-kriya, bandhas, adjustment & alignment, human anatomy, etc. An equal emphasis is laid upon the workshops, teaching methodology classes, Ayurveda studies etc., for developing a yoga teacher of the finest skill-set and ingrained yoga knowledge. Most yoga schools in India strongly believe in the concept of Karma Yoga and encourage their students to indulge in Karma Yoga projects to imbibe the yoga philosophy for leading a harmonious life as a being of compassion and love.

Accommodation and Food

An abode isn’t just bricks and walls– it is a place to rest, feel at ease, to nurture and love. And, the best yoga TTC schools duly recognize the importance of warmth in living and offer a stay that is homely and cozy. The yoga schools in India provide dwelling in a peaceful environment amidst the natural beauty with rooms well-facilitated with the basic amenities for a convenient stay. People interested in yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh and Kerala can enjoy an ashram life in the breathtaking and inspiring views. The food served at these schools is 100% vegetarian and sattvic in nature prepared in Ayurvedic style for health and nourishment.

The Guidance of  Teachers

The yoga aspirants desire for the best yoga experience so that they can evolve into excellent yoga teachers and practitioners. And, the teaching faculty at the Indian yoga schools make sure that it happens. The Top schools conducting yoga teacher training in India have registered yoga teachers with years of experience in taking yoga classes across the globe. The yogic lessons are delivered by them with authenticity and gratification allowing the students to surpass their own hurdles and emerging into best yoga teachers.

Extra Curriculum

Those wishing to undergo a highly rejuvenating yoga experience while gaining insight into the bottomless science of yoga, India warmly welcomes you all. Blessed with a diverse terrain, historical ruins, spiritual places, etc., the best yoga schools in India have extra-curriculum as one of their main subjects of the course module. The schools in India ensure timely and planned excursions, relaxing activities for a kaleidoscopic exposure, different perspectives, and a frolicking time out.

Surroundings and Ambiance

Many desire to undertake yoga teacher training in India not only for its sacredness and authenticity but also for its ambience. India is the home to wonderful places of Rishikesh, Kerala, Dharamsala, Bangalore, and Khajuraho eminent for their beauty, peacefulness, and heightened spirituality. These places offer the perfect atmosphere and a divine aura quenching your thirst for yoga wisdom in a charismatic manner. Yoga expedition in one of these locations in India is an experience of nostalgia, positivity, and learning.

Unfold a new chapter and look towards a bright future by becoming a yoga teacher on the land of India in its best yoga teacher training schools.

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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