Best Vacation Times For Your Dream Trip To Nepal

Have you ever wanted to visit the ancient city of Kathmandu? How about climbing the slopes of the Himalayas? If you have a sense of adventure and love exploring places with rich culture and history, Nepal is for you. With its multi-cultural diversity, rich history and spectacular geography, a dream trip to Nepal should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

You can tour cities with ancestral palaces and open-air markets or visit one of the many temples and monasteries in the area. The is no shortage of adventure in Nepal either. Test your grit on a two-week trip trekking Manaslu Circuit, known as one of the most challenging and life-changing hiking tours on the planet.  Along with the diverse cultures that you will find across the country, you can expect to see many areas of terrain and conditions, from the lush lowland farms to the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

The high tourist season is during the fall months. This is the most popular time for mountain climbers and trekkers to take advantage of the fine dry weather. When travelling to Nepal, you will be dealing with tight security so it is best to have your trip well planned and documented before heading out.

Each season has something special to offer travellers from around the world. Take a look at how the year spans out and choose the right time for you to take your dream trip to Nepal.


The average temperatures from March to May is a comfortable 75 F with fairly low rainfall. There is often light rain in the evenings leading to clear and slightly cooler mornings. The spring is the flowering time of the Rhododendron and can be seen flourishing on the hills of the lower valley for miles. Spring is the best time for adventure tours including hang gliding, rafting, lowlands trekking and jungle tours.


The average traveller may find summer in Nepal to be uncomfortably warm. Temperatures hover in the 90s and the humidity from the heavy rains can make conditions sticky. Summer is traditionally monsoon season in Nepal, so travellers should keep in mind that they may have transportation issues due to the storms. One of the best sights in the summer months is to tour the farmland area of the Kathmandu valley and discover the magical terraces of rice paddies that cover the gentle slopes.


The fall weather, with its medial temperatures and minimal rainfall, provides the best conditions for those that are looking to climb the mountains. Longer treks are also popular during this time. If you are not a hiker or climber you can still enjoy a number of religious and cultural festivals that happen annually in the cities.


Known as the dry season, many areas in Nepal become very barren and cold during the winter. The harvests are done, fields are empty and the lack of rain or snow leaves many places looking very barren. However, there is still beauty even in the darkness. The winter’s cold temperatures often hit below freezing but result in some of the best conditions to see the many sensational views. Winter is a popular time for photographers in Nepal.

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  1. Avatarsays: Sam Smith

    Manaslu Circuit Trek begins from the beautiful drive to Dhadingbeshi-Aarughat from Kathmandu. The Manaslu Mountain in itself is the world’s eighth tallest mountain and being in its foothill could be loaded with the enterprise. Aarughat is the little occurrence town lying in the bank of Budhi Gandaki River associating Dhading and Gorkha area of Nepal.

  2. Avatarsays: Himal Ghale

    I like your slogan “DREAM TRIP TO NEPAL” I enjoyed so much to ready your Articles that you have visited so many temples during your Kathmandu valley sightseeing time, hope you enjoyed your Manaslu circuit trek too, I know that the Manaslu circuit trek is beautiful itself, but the Larkya pass is a bit challenging ultimate distance of the Manaslu trek.
    thank you so much for sharing your experience, hope all readers will enjoy and learn from your articles.

  3. Nepal is landlock country, also you may chance to explore the ancient Hindus and Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu, you can do Kathmandu Valley tour with Local tour Guide as the .
    1. Monkey Temp.
    2. Buddha Nath Stupa
    3. Pasupatinatha.
    4. Kathmandu Durbar Squar.
    5. Patan Durbar Square.
    6. Bhaktapur Durbar Square

  4. Avatarsays: Jason Manik

    Vacation time depends on the type of hike you plan to take in Nepal. However, the best time is March to May and September to November. Thanks for the information.

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