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Hong Kong is the home to towering skyscrapers, a vibrant culture, beautiful people, and a picturesque skyline. Be ahead of others, and enjoy absolute best from the 10th world destination. Indeed you can fly to Hong Kong now and experience the absolute best. Here is a complete guide to discovering the best things to do in Hong Kong. 

Ride The Iconic Star Ferry

First up on this list of the best things to do in Hong Kong is taking in the views from the water. The Star Ferry is the oldest form of transport spanning more than a century. It is, therefore, a favourite tourist attraction. As you take a ride on this boat, you can have a spectacular view of the skyline of Victoria Harbor. Between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon, are deep cool waters. This is the cradle of the international centre of trade, thanks to the numerous fishing villages that had clustered around the island.

Visit Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is an urban area in Kowloon whose major primary is tourism hospitality. This area was reclaimed from Hong Kong bay. Owing to the many tourists who frequent this region, Tsim Sha Tsui has many eateries and high-end stalls that cater to them.  

Where to Stay in Tsim Sha Tsui

If you are looking for a comfy place for the while you’ll be in Hong Kong, look no further. Tsim Sha Tsui has hotels in every price range and varying levels of luxury. Some of the hotels you’ll find here are Hotel Panorama, Intercontinental Hong Kong, Baden-Powell International House, and many others. The area also takes care of backpackers and the low-end market.

Where to Eat in Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsim is a place of many exotic restaurants that serve the best Indian and Korean cuisines. For instance, Kimberley Street is familiar with Korean visitors and other foreigners who desire to try savoury Korean dishes.

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Check Out the Multimedia Light Display

Watch a sensational extravaganza of lasers, headlights, searchlights, LED screens, and music, harmoniously working to give a spectacle in the dark. This mixture of colour, light, and water provides a stunning view of the Victoria Harbor skyline. Catch this outdoor audio-visual festival every night at 8 pm.

Take in the Views from the Ocean Terminal Deck

The Ocean Terminal Deck is a new observation deck and the latest tourist attraction site in Hong Kong. The deck gives you a 270-degree glamorous view of Victoria Harbor. It is situated at the end of the Ocean Terminal and extends to the centre of Victoria Harbor. 

Previously, the Ocean Terminal rooftop was a car park that had given photography enthusiasts a spot to capture the Harbor’s best views. It has been a high vantage point that gave unobstructed wide-open aerial views. The experience has now been improved with the completion of a five-storey structure at the edge of Ocean Terminal.

There’s no better place to have a close watch of the skyline as this! This observation deck is open to the public and is turning into a favourite spot for nightscape photography and a spectacular sight for the Annual Fireworks Display. 

High-Quality Global Cuisine

The five-storey building has residential space for city dwellers and superb eateries for foreigners. Enjoy five-star savoury dishes in the alfresco dining area in any of the 11 Harbor View as you have a spectacular view of the skyline above Victoria Harbor.

Enjoy the Outdoor Event Space

The new Ocean Terminal Deck gives you a 270-degree view and provides space for entertainment events. There’s a 6,500 square feet of natural greenery that allows up to 200 visitors and merry-makers to ramble on the lawn.

Sky 100 Observation Deck

Do you want to have a different view of Hong Kong’s skyline? Look no further. Sky100 will give you an amazing 360-degree view of this glamorous city. Here’s why you should visit Sky 100.

Arrive in 60 Seconds

You can zoom up to this indoor observation deck in only one minute!  The International Commercial Center is installed with high-speed double-deck elevators that take up to 15 people.

Take in the Breathtaking Scenery

The aerial view from the 100th floor of the 10th tallest commercial building in the world will give you an unrivalled view across Hong Kong. The complete picture from the Victoria Harbor to the South China Sea and Islands, across the Kowloon Peninsula and all its new frontiers will give you a jaw-dropping feast for the eyes. 

If you plan your visit to coincide with festival days like the New Year, you can get a glimpse of the fireworks from the highest point in Hong Kong.

Enjoy the Light Show

Be stunned in awe at the light show at Sky100 Observation Deck. Every Thursday to Sunday, 3D images with the latest projection technology, music, and sound effects blend in an impressive fusion to entertain visitors. All these eye-feasting views accentuate Victoria’s Harbor view.

Check Out the Story wall

A-28 meter long interactive story wall recounts the traditions, history, culture of Hong Kong natives. There are also lots of amusing videos and exhibits for children and adults alike.

Head Up “The Peak”

Last up on this list of the best things to do in Hong Kong is climb its towering mountain. Otherwise known as Victoria Peak, this most scenic spot is a popular vantage point where you can encapsulate Hong Kong. You can have fun in several ways around this icon.

Take the Tram

The journey to the peak is approximately 10 minutes. In this short duration, you’ll rise from 28 m to 396 m above the sea level. Your perfect photo moments get better as you ride in the 1,396m- long track. This is also an ideal moment to shoot some of the most adventurous videos as the tram defies gravity and ascends to the highest points of Hong Kong.

Everyone can enjoy this funicular 120-year old railway ride. At least 6 million tourists visit the peak courtesy of the tram every year.

Stroll the Peak Circle Walk

If you do not fancy tram rides, you can choose to hike your way to Hong Kong’s pinnacle. To capture the Island’s scenic views, start your walk about two hours before dusk. As twilight gives way to sunset, the city below reflects with a kaleidoscopic splendour of lights.

Stop at Sky Terrace 428

This is another vantage spot to have a spectacular view of the city. Sky Terrace 428 is a pinnacle with an altitude of 428m above the sea level, hence the name. Admire the city’s architectural designs in its towering skyscraper, the industrious Victoria Harbor from the open-air Sky Terrace.

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