The 4 Best Reasons You Should Visit Anguilla Now

Imagine waking up to the sounds of gentle surf outside your window. The sun rises over the white sand beaches and bright blue waters of the island of Anguilla. It’s a territory of Great Britain in the islands of the Caribbean and today we are going to look at the best reasons you should visit Anguilla now.

This piece of paradise has long been known as a place to come and relax. You can escape the world and slow things down in one the well-appointed Anguilla villas. Once you have the perfect home base, you can explore the fun and beauty of the island itself.


First up on this list reasons you should visit Anguilla is all about the food and fine dinning. You can find a range of options to suit your taste from simple Caribbean cuisine to gourmet meals in a European style. In this part of the Caribbean, barbecue is the traditional favourite. Every weekend, many patrons enjoy an outdoor experience at Belmond’s Beach BBQ. Another favourite is the Palm Grove restaurant, where diners enjoy johnnycakes and grilled Caribbean crayfish in a wooden, beachside shack. You can find upscale variations on Caribbean barbecue at Scilly Cay and 20 Knots.

Other dining options bring the tastes of France and Italy to the Caribbean beach. Julians French Bistro in the West End Village incorporates tropical flavours into French cuisine. Trattoria Tramonto, also in West End Village, beautifully combines Mediterranean and Caribbean flavours.

For after-dinner drinks, there are many fine bars and clubs on Anguilla. The Bamboo Bar & Grill and the Sunset Lounge, both at the Four Seasons Anguilla, are visitor favourites. You can also enjoy your beverage at the seaside at one of the many beachside bars like the Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay or Gwen’s Reggae Grill on Shoal Bay.

Outdoor Sports

As part of the United Kingdom, the sporting life in Anguilla has been greatly affected by British sports. While you are visiting the island, you might take in a cricket match or rugby game. The Anguilla Eels rugby team is a local favourite, participating in Caribbean league play since 2006.

Because of the island location, it is natural that boat racing would be a passion for the people of Anguilla. Every year, there are several sailing regattas around the island during festivals and holidays. You will enjoy the colourful competition as local sailors take to the seas in their handmade sailboats.

If you grow weary of the beach life on Anguilla, there are several local hiking trails wind through tropical forests and along high cliffs. The 4.5-mile Limestone Bay trail takes you past coral blowholes, wild goat pastures and along the northern cliffs. Another memorable trip is a walk-up Crocus Hill where you can see the remains of the old Anguilla prison along with a remarkable view of Crocus Bay. If you get tired of walking, you can do some exploring by horseback if you contact a local ranch.

Water Activities

As a visitor to Anguilla, you will have many opportunities to explore the water. You might enjoy a paddleboard yoga class on a quiet morning. A night kayak trip with illuminated kayaks gives a different way of viewing the undersea life. If you are qualified, there are several scuba-diving rental businesses on the island. In addition, there are many different quiet bays and coves to explore by snorkel.

If seeing things by boat is more your style, you can charter boats of many different sizes. A smaller boat is perfect for a day-trip around the island. Some of the more remote beaches are only accessible by boat. A larger boat gives you the opportunity to check out some of the surrounding islands, exploring the Lesser Antilles over several days.

Beach Life

Last up on this list of reasons you should visit Anguilla now is its incredible beaches. The white sand beaches are meant for slow walks and lazy days. Some, like Shoal Bay and Crocus Bay, has everything you need to enjoy a full beach day. Nearby, you will find restaurants for a midday meal and bars for a refreshing drink, all with a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea. Other beaches, like Little Bay, can only be reached by boat. At Little Bay, you try some low cliff diving as well as enjoy quiet seclusion.

A trip to the island of Anguilla is a quiet retreat from the concerns of the world. You will quickly appreciate the charm, natural beauty and joy of this Caribbean escape.

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