The Best Rail Holidays in Europe

Europe is diverse with dramatic landscapes and nothing can beat travelling on a train through those spectacular landscapes and enjoy these scenic routes. After all, holidays are meant to make new discoveries!

Now you can plan for relaxing rail holidays in Europe that take you through engrossing excursions that showcase their natural splendour to the best, whilst taking you to Europe’s most captivating cities.

Here are a few ideas for planning some of the very best rail holidays in Europe.

Orient Express 

Orient Express holidays across Europe will not only take you back in time with its sumptuous upholstery and polished wood but to a completely different continent. A personal steward is always there to assist you and see to your every comfort. Experience fine dining and enjoy looking at the magnificent and ever-changing scenery as you travel across Europe and on to Asia in this luxurious, iconic train.

Overnight journeys on Caledonian Sleeper 

Next up on this list of the best rail holidays in Europe are the Caledonian Sleepers that run between London and Scotland. Get priority entree to the Club Car, where you can relax with drinks. Recent renovations have added more comfort such as double beds. Once you reach Scotland, get ready to explore some of the country’s most magnificent castles. Discover the fascinating heritage of Scotland and explore those hidden vielles and charming towns.

The Glacier Express in Switzerland 

The Glacier Express in Switzerland is arguably the most scenic of the rail holidays in Europe. Travel through Valais, Uri, and Graubünden and enjoy panoramic views of the Swiss mountains. On the journey, you cross more than 200 bridges and 91 tunnels and gradually reach an elevation of more than 2,000 meters. Albula Tunnel, with its spiral tunnels and viaducts, is seen as an excellent example of railway engineering marvels.  Apart from feasting your eyes on those picturesque sceneries, the guests enjoy regional and seasonal dishes. Also, the new coach of Excellence Class allows only 20 people making for a private experience.

The Flåm Railway in Norway

The Flåm Railway journey only takes about 40 minutes, but every moment on that train is worth it. Enjoy views of mighty waterfalls and snowy mountain peaks as the train takes you through a steep and narrow valley. The scenic Flåm Railway is a branch line of the Bergen Railway and is seen as one of the steepest lines in the world. There are plenty of curves, twists, turns, and twenty tunnels to ride through. As you travel towards Myrdal from Flåm and ascend to about 2,900 feet, you enjoy the truly spectacular scenery. The train makes a special photo stop at Kjosfossen waterfall.

Trans-Siberian Railway

One of the most popular rail journey routes in the world and surely one of the best in Europe. From Moscow to the far east, this is the longest rail line in the world spanning a distance of over 9,200+ kilometres. If you want to experience Mongolia, China and less-visited parts of Russia, then embarking on this legendary expedition is an absolute must.

Balkan flexipass across former Yogoslavia 

If you are looking for cost-effective unlimited travel from 5 to 15 days, this is the perfect pass to buy which won’t put a dent on your wallet, and yet, showcase some of the best routes across Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Turkey. The coaches are pretty run down but it’s an unforgettable journey nevertheless.  

The Balkan Odessey  

For luxury travellers, this is the best way to explore the Balkans in style. The Balkan Odessey goes from Venice to Budapest with stops in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Mostar and other offbeat parts. You can enjoy these epic destinations in the comfort of your private luxury coach.

Inlandsbanan across untouched Sweden  

If you are looking to gawk at pristine untouched beauty of Sweden, then taking a memorable trip of a lifetime on the Inlandsbanan should be on your bucket list. Over 1000 km of stunning landscapes of forests and lakes, from Mora to Gallivare is on offer aboard the Inlandsbanan. If beautiful isolated and historic settlements in the heart of Lapland, sound exciting to you, take this trip now! There is not much left unexplored so make the most of this amazing offbeat route.

Trenino Verde in Sardinia

Trenino Verde means the Little Green Train, and the trains journey runs on the island of Sardinia, Italy. The 400 km rural rail network takes you through the most rugged interior of Sardinia. It’s interesting to see the train drivers shoo off those geese and sheep off the rail track in some of the most remote locations in rural Sardinia. So, if you are not in a hurry, taking the slow Trenino Verde in Sardinia is one of the best ways to see this part of Italy. The World Wildlife Foundation gave it the name as it travels through some of the greenest parts of the island. Don’t forget to carry a good camera to capture these exotic locales!

Rauma Line in Norway 

Last up on this list of the best rail holidays in Eupre is the Rauma Line from Dombås to Åndalsnes. The 114 km long scenic route in Norway opened between 1921 and 1924. The train passes the arched Kylling Bridge over a rushing river and features two horseshoe curves that have an elevation change of over 2,000 feet. As you go along the Rauma River, you can enjoy some sensational views of jagged rocks and high mountain peaks.


Take any of the above train journeys in Europe and travel in comfort and style. Those wide windows are perfect for enjoying the passing scenery and mesmerizing views. All these trains are comfortable with modern amenities and facilities so you will be sure to enjoy any of these best rail holidays in Europe recommendations.

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