The Best Places To See Flowers in Bloom This Spring

With Spring just around the corner, people are ready to spend some time in nature, especially after the stressful year we’ve all had. With that in mind, here’s a list of the best places to find several flowers in full bloom! Let’s get started.

1. Carmona in Spain

Have you ever seen those aesthetic pictures on the internet of a field full of sunflowers in full bloom? Well, that’s Carmona for you! Carmona is a quaint little town in the southwest of Spain. It’s a famous tourist destination due to its well-known sunflower fields that cover many miles. Sunflowers are typically rare to come by in some places (save for those few online floral shops like The Bouqs flowers who sell them all year round). The Carmona is usually in full bloom during Spring each year. So if you’d like to click those pictures of yourself in a sunflower field that surrounds you for miles on all sides then this is the place.

2. Tokyo in Japan

Tokyo is famous for its cherry blossom trees that are in full bloom once a year during the spring season. Commonly known as ‘Sakura’ among the locals, the cherry blossoms attract thousands of tourists each year. They make the trip just to see roads covered by a canopy of cherry blossom trees. The season is so famous that there are festivals that celebrate the arrival of spring and cherry blossoms, so that’s something you may want to look into while planning your trip as well.

3. Lisse in the Netherlands

In the southwest of Amsterdam, you will find Lisse, one of the world’s largest flower gardens. Known as the Keukenhof Gardens, millions of bulbs are in blossom for a few months which make the entire atmosphere of Lisse look serene. This colourful countryside is vibrant with colour and not overly touristy. However, do remember that you need to book entry tickets before visiting this particular garden.

4. the Sahara Desert in Morocco

This may seem startling to most people as to how a desert found its way into a list of destinations talking about pretty blooms in spring. Well though this is a lesser-known fact to most flower lovers, the Sahara desert attains a sudden flower bloom each spring where flowers seem to emerge from the dry sand for miles, making the entire atmosphere look almost surreal. Seeing a vast expanse of desert sand in full bloom is something you wouldn’t want to miss, so consider making this trip to one of the largest deserts in the world this spring. Additionally, Nat Geo conducts an expedition during this time that covers many places in and around the Sahara desert and Morocco, so you can consider planning your trip with them if you’d like to see more than just the flowers in bloom this spring.


Here’s a summary of all the places and floral blooms you should consider visiting this spring:

  • The sunflower fields of Carmona.
  • The Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo.
  • Spring blooms in the largest garden found in Lisse.
  • Desert blooms which occur only once a year in the Sahara desert.

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