Bern To Interlaken 1

jon 004Bern To Interlaken
After a short stop in Bern we hit the backpackers heaven of Interlaken.
Unfortunately the town is dead during the week then is flooded with people on weekends.

We would like to stay till then but Switzerland in so expensive. We searched the town for something cheap to eat and sadly the best we could do is rotten Ronnie’s. 22 dollars for the 2 of us. Crazy. 6 dollars for a beer.

(Bern clock tower)

Not sure what up for the next couple days. There is some serious scenery to take in here. May do some hikes then head to Grindelwald(?) just south of here.

till then keep the emails coming.



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  1. Avatarsays: Dave

    Hey guys, still in Swtizerland? So Clint just left for Paris this morning. He said that he will try and get a hold of you. He’ll be hter until the 1st then they’re off to Barcelona for another 3 days. After that there are no concrete plans, but they will try and make it down the coast of Spain, then fly to Italy, down that coast then off to Greece…..

  2. Avatarsays: Lachlan

    Hey guys! Its Lachlan and Marie, the aussies from interlaken – ended up in munich after there, sorry we didnt make it to the club that night, was too drunk to walk! Driving sucked the next day on alpine roads…

  3. Avatarsays: Anonymous

    WALTER GRETZKY are you kidding me! looks like you guys are having an excellent time. Keep the pics comming.

    Your Pal

    Steven Segal

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