What Are The Benefits Of Boomerang Eating When You Go Away?

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Eating in all of the same places when you go away can, from the outside, seem like it would limit the food cuisines you’re able to experience. Yet, if the habits of many regular travellers are anything to go by, this sin isn’t half as severe as it might first seem. In fact, many keen travellers will repeat visits to countless boomerang eateries that they find and love upon the way, while the benefits of ample research even mean that they can still enjoy varied menus that provide the best a location has to offer as they do so. In fact, some travellers would even go as far as to say that sticking to tried and tested places in this way can even help to enhance the authentic experiences enjoyed throughout any trip. And, we’re going to consider why!

# 1 – Removing the risk of illness

Being bed-bound with food poisoning definitely isn’t how you want to spend a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Unfortunately, eating at unknown locations makes this pretty likely in certain destinations. By comparison, sticking with well-researched spots that you already know and trust means that you always understand what you’re eating and whether it’s safe. And, when you can be sure of that, you should be far better able to enjoy a great meal, as well as a trip that you’re able to make the most of from start to finish.

# 2 – Building a rapport with owners and locals

When you’re visiting somewhere new every night, you’re unlikely to get far past surface interactions. Yet, when you visit that same great South Loop pizza joint, or that tapas bar in Ankara for three or four nights during a week-long stay, you can bet conversations will reach a way deeper level. This can be a great way to start putting roots down in a place or to simply see a new side of any location. And, as the drinks and food flows, this social benefit could see you having a far better time, and a far more cultural experience, than you would if you just stuck with embracing as many different types of food as possible.

# 3 – Freeing up your time

Trying brand new cuisines for two meals a day across a week-long trip could cost you as much as 7 or eight hours overall. That’s basically another day of your trip that could have otherwise been spent on excursions or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Obviously, if food is a major part of your travel experiences, this isn’t such an issue. But, if you’d rather get on with that other stuff, then don’t hesitate to halve that time by having a few go-to places that ensure you enjoy a great local meal in as little as half an hour if that’s all your schedule allows.

It might not be for everyone, but boomerang eating certainly has its benefits when it comes to enhancing travel. Try it during your next vacation, and you might just find that you never question returning to the same place again. 

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