Barcelona is an awesome city

Barcelona is an awesome city 6

Barcelona is an awesome city.

It has it all, new and old.

Jon and I walked and walked here. Cruised down the 1km Laramba´s street which boasts shops, street performers and very cool crafts. So many things I wanted to buy for myself and others but can´t lug much more around. Hit the huge market and bought some fresh food for lunch in the park then took a gondola ride and got a nice view of the city. Highlight is definitely the Sagrada Familia which is Antoni Gaudi´s unfinished masterpiece. This is by far the oddest (and coolest) church I have ever seen. There was a lot of construction going on so pics are not that good but will post soon.

We also hit a few flea markets which bordered on junk. Dose anyone want a true (used) Spanish toilet brush…or smashed hard drives?

The next night met up with Fannie, Andre and Rachel again for some more fun. Pictures to follow…

We missed the boat on Mallorca…literally. We found a cheap ferry for 58 return plus 30% off with eurorail. What we didn’t know is you have to book 48 hours in advance to get that. That got scratched which is too bad, wanted to see the island…next trip.

Now looking at Nice. Bad timing with Easter. Wish us luck.


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