Baby’s first

Baby's first 4
John's catch of the day
John’s catch of the day

For two of the rainiest weeks in March Erin’s Ma, Pa, sister, and new to the family baby Hannah came to town. Impressively, although not necessarily comfortably, we squeezed them all in. Unfortunately for them they left behind a heat wave in Ontario to enjoy at soggy and cold Vancouver. What do you do with visitors during the wettest and greyest time of year? Stare at the baby. To be fair, this is one cute baby and it wasn’t all watching Hannah eat/sleep/poop. I managed to take Jon and Amanda sturgeon fishing one morning which, although cold and slow going, was fun to land a giant (but overall small) dinosaur of a fish.

Beyond fishing and baby sitting we had a nice visit with Dani’s cousins and made it over to Victoria for a weekend of fun. A lot of baby’s first were had I’m sure. First ferry ride. First lama sighting. First beach combing.

Back home it was more family time and home cooked meals. Good times as always.

Baby Hannah chewing on Grandma's cheeks
Baby Hannah chewing on Grandma’s cheeks
My catch of the day
My catch of the day








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