Authentic ways to turn your travel blog into a successful brand

If you’re a digital nomad hoping to take your digital image a step further, then transforming your travel blog into an international brand is the next logical step. But first, you’ll need to work on brand awareness.

What are the benefits of creating brand awareness?

Followers and readers all have one thing in common. They like your content, and they want to be associated with a positive brand. Building brand awareness makes acquiring new followers easier. It attracts third-party companies and other influencers who are hoping for collaboration. In turn, this can crucially it makes your blog much more valuable. Brand awareness is a way to measure how recognizable your brand is and how memorable your target audience considers it to be. Transforming your travel blog into a successful brand means working on your brand awareness is the best place to begin. 

Here we’ll explore some additional steps you can take, to make this dream a reality. 

Be selective with your collaborations 

As a travel blogger, you’re probably familiar with the process of being approached by third party brands. While it’s tempting to take any kind of exposure, this approach doesn’t always keep a brand awareness strategy in mind. Being selective with the brands you work with, people will then start to associate your brand with the same attributes. This approach also helps to build trust with your followers. They will come to you for travel advice if they know that respectable brands have validated your online presence. In turn, when clients think of these brands, they’ll begin to see you in the same light. This will boost your validity and brand awareness! 

Become a welcome guest

Your blog is already glittering with high-quality content, so why keep it all to yourself? In terms of brand awareness, guest posting on other blogs is a simple yet effective way to get your brand noticed within the digital nomad industry. Again, a guest post on an established travel blog with a large following will validate your own brand and build stronger recognition as you’re introduced to new audiences. 

Consider merch

We all love a freebie! And free stuff is a great way to build brand awareness across the world. Whether you create a social media competition with branded prizes, or you send out free bags and pens to people who submit comments on your posts, wherever they go with your branded materials, they’re helping to build brand awareness for you.  

Note: Social media competitions are another effective way to build on your brand with post sharing, comments, and high levels of post engagement. 

And finally, improve your search engine ranking

Of course, it goes without saying that high-ranking search engine results build trust and boosts brand awareness. Focus on making fully optimized SEO content, building backlinks, optimizing your images, including video content, and increasing the speed of your pages. It makes you easier to find, and all the more credible.

Establishing your brand is not a walk in the park. It requires proper project management and lots of hard work. That being said, you may want to consider improving your skills by checking different project management courses online and taking one that you think is right for you. 

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