Redeye Remedy: Air Canada 777 Business Class Review

Air Canada 777 Business Class Review

With a short notice trip across Canada came last-minute prices that had me looking at using points instead. Aeroplan options weren’t much better leaving me with a redeye flight. Since after every redeye flight I take I vow it will be the last, I decided to bump my flight up to business class. Although this was done with the idea of comfort and rest in mind, truthfully I did it so I could bring you this Air Canada 777 business class review.

I know, so selfless of me. You’re welcome


Route: Vancouver to Toronto
Aircraft: Boing 777
Seat: 7A
Highlights: Pod seat.
Low lights: Pod seat.


Now if this flight would have been the same as my last Air Canada business class review I would’ve passed on the extra 12.5 K points to upgrade. Thanks to sites like I was able to confirm that the seats on this Air Canada 777 business class review we’re going to be the newer pod style.


First impressions of the seats were that they are well laid out and spacious. They recline flat, which was great for my overnight flight, and have the most elaborate seat controls of any business class flight I’ve ever taken.

One downside of these pods, for me at least, was the sliding meal tray was in a locked position. This only allowed me to lay on my back and made me feel a little claustrophobic in an otherwise spacious seat. Now obviously as I type this it seems pretty stuck up to say that I could only lay completely flat and stretched out on my back in an airplane seat (poor Shaun), but with the amount of space available in these pods this does seem like a bit of a design flaw.


Again, the great layout of the pods on this Air Canada 777 business class review made the flight. Possibly the best part was the storage cabinet. This left things like my phone, notebook, and headphones easily accessible. Service was a touch lacking. The only time I pressed the service button was to get a drink. Instead of coming to my seat to check it off, they waited till they rolled the cart around almost 10 minutes later.

Again, poor Shaun.

Air Canada 777 Business Class Review

Food & Drink

Without hopes on getting a meal at the Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge dashed before our flight we said, “oh well, they will feed us on the plane.” Not so much…but they did give us a menu…

Air Canada 777 Business Class Review

This was a redeye flight so I understand that there was no dinner service but I should’ve looked into it first. They did give us an assortment of very Canadian snacks, then breakfast before landing.

Air Canada 777 Business Class Review

Air Canada 777 Business Class Review


In-flight entertainment on this air Canada 777 business class review was another highlight. Screens were the largest I’ve seen in any of my business class reviews and there were plenty of movies, games, and TV shows to keep me entertained.


Overall, this Air Canada 777 business class review trip was worth the extra 12.5 K points. The comfort to get some shut eye and entertainment were pluses but was let down by the underwhelming service and “claustrophobic” pod. I should have also looked ahead (or on my booking reference) about meal service. My bad.

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Air Canada 777 Business Class Review

So how does this Air Canada 777 Business Class Review rank?

8 Seats
6 Service
6 Food & Drink
10 Entertainment
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