Even though we may not be flying any time soon, that doesn’t mean we can’t earn Aeroplan points for later travel. With the latest Aeroplan promotion, earning a whack of points just got very easy, and very tasty. Aeroplan has just announced a partnership with Uber Eats and is celebrating with a bonus offer everyone can get value from.

What’s the Deal?

From now until June 15th, Aeroplan is offering 10x bonus points on any Uber Eats order. The normal rate is one mile per $1 spent. To get the points you must first log in to the Aeroplan eStore before you place your Uber Eats order. The cookies used will ensure your account is credited accordingly and should show up 6-8 weeks later.

Here are the full details from

Uber Eats does charge a service fee however there is a current promo that is automatically applied that essentially waives this. Some clients charge a delivery fee but it is pretty small and worthwhile given the convenience factor of it all.

What if I Don’t Want to Order in?

Although this deal would have been really beneficial at the beginning of the pandemic, those that can not return to (or are not comfortable with) dine-in restaurants just yet can still capitalize on this offer. Order from your favourite restaurants, support local, and earn a whack of points in the process!

Not hungry? There’s more to Uber Eats then eats.

Stock That Liquor Cabinet

Ironically, Uber Eats has already played a role in me coming out of this pandemic CoFAT and not CoFIT. As such, I am two days into a juice cleanse. Although I could absolutely murder a cheeseburger or some butter chicken right now, I can still capitalize on those bonus points by refilling the liquor cabinet.


Use promo code: eats-shaunr2661ue

To cope with the isolation and support local businesses, many provinces have allowed alcohol delivers. Although the promotion stipulates “food value only,” it does not mention that it is not applicable to alcohol. This leads me to believe that it does not differentiate between restaurants and breweries or liquor stores. As such, I ordered a couple of bottles of booze and some craft beer.

A few clicks and a short 10-minutes later, I received my order. I should see 106 points in my account in a few weeks as well as a bonus 1,060 points in the coming weeks. Not a bad deal, especially for something I would buy anyway.

Stock That Fridge

Not a drinker but still want to capitalize on this Aeroplan promotion? Some locations have convenience and grocery store options. This means you can stock up on household items that you would normally purchase and get a pile of points on top of it. Check your local Uber Eats listing for what is available in your area.

My Takeaway

For minimal effort, this Uber Eats and Aeroplan promotion got me over 1,000 points on items I would have purchased anyway. This is smart spending made incredibly convenient. On top of that, once this hellish juice cleanse is over, I will be ordering a few more times from my favourite local restaurants. There is no cap on use so, once again, support local and get rewarded!

Also, if you are new to Uber Eats you can get $20 off your order with my promo code eats-shaunr2661ue. Enjoy!

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