A Night in Sevilla

A Night in Sevilla 4

A Night in Sevilla
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So recovery turned into late night jamming on the roof of the hostel with some cool people we met from Australia, New Zealand and the States. The guitar has been a lot of fun, more so now that the weather is nice.

After a couple days touring the tapas bars (FYI, tapas are much better in San Sebastien)
and getting soaked in the warm rain, I took a trip to the 3rd largest Cathedral in Europe. It is a very impressive Gothic building that supposedly houses Columbus.

Still trying to meet up with Fannie from Edmonton. They got lost on there way to their hotel last night and by the time they got to the bar we were gone. We may try and hitch a ride with them as they are on there way to Morocco. How cool would that be? If not, off to Grenada tomorrow.

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