A Celebrity in my home town

A Celebrity in my home town 1

Our short visit in YK wasn’t all ptarmigans and roast beef. We headed out for an open mic night where I played a couple songs to the crowd of 4 people. Of course, the local rag was there to capture the excitement and ran the following article:

“Famous Toronto celebrity, “Erin Pong” sneaks into Yellowknife for some R&R.Here she is seen entertaining herself at a popular Yellowknife night spot JAVAROMA with a new mystery “boytoy”. Sources indicate that she rented out this location in order to spend some private time with her new man-friend

…as you can see the place isn’t exactly full!!!”

OK, so that was made up by Al but believable none the less. I’m kind of a big deal no? …at least my mother thinks I am.

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