8 Reasons Why LA is the Best City to Live

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The City of Angels is more than just a nickname. It’s an ideal, a utopia where all your dreams can become a reality and the sun shines on you no matter how hard you work. While other cities in America may have unique charms, none can match LA’s ability to make you feel like you’ve made it. That makes it the best city in the US for so many people. Here are eight reasons we think LA is the best city to live.

The People

Lifelong Angelenos will confidently say that this city is full of the friendliest people you’ll ever encounter. You can strike up a conversation with anyone. This isn’t just because Angelenos are “friendly” or “easygoing” but because Los Angeles attracts creative people from all over the world who are open-minded, ambitious, and excited about sharing their talents with others.

Here’s the thing: Los Angeles is home to some of the most talented artists on earth; they include writers, actors/actresses, musicians, dancers/choreographers….the list goes on! So not only does this create an environment where you have access to incredible art at your fingertips 24 hours a day, but it also means plenty of opportunities for you to create your own pieces as well!

The Diversity

Los Angeles is the most diverse city in America. The population of Los Angeles County is greater than 13 million people, with around 33% being Latino, 30% white, 11% Asian and another 8% African-American or other ethnic groups mixed together. The city has more than 1,700 active languages spoken within its borders. In addition, it’s a melting pot of cultures from around the world.

It’s easy to feel like your neighbours are just like you when you live in such a diverse city where everyone has different backgrounds and experiences that make each person unique.

The Food

LA is home to some of the best food in America, and it’s not just because of all the celebrity chefs that call it home. Some of the best ethnic restaurants, farmers’ markets, food trucks and dive bars are dotted around the city.

  • Food Trucks – Food trucks are a staple here in LA. You’ll find them all over town with different cuisines, from tacos to lobster rolls to gourmet burgers – yes, please!
  • Farm To Table – With such a diverse population comes to an equally diverse variety of farms growing produce right here in Los Angeles county! Farmer’s Markets are popping up everywhere, with excellent organic produce available year-round thanks to the moderate climate, which allows for year-round growing seasons. 

The Public Transport

If you live in Los Angeles, you’re already a fan of public transportation. The metro is one of the best systems on the planet, and it’s straightforward to use. Not only does it run all night long, but it’s cheap and convenient too! Best of all? It’s clean, and it is safe. If you have to drive, we recommend long-term parking in LA, as it is much cheaper than paying by the hour or parking on the street if you are planning to stay longer.

The Entertainment

It’s no wonder that the entertainment industry is so vibrant in Los Angeles. The city is home to some of the biggest film studios in the world, such as Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures. A stroll through Beverly Hills will take you past luxury mansions owned by megastars like Jennifer Aniston and Matt Damon.

On any given night, you could find yourself at an intimate jazz club listening to an up-and-coming singer-songwriter or hanging out with your friends at a trendy bar where your favourite TV actors are filming their latest project. On the other hand, suppose you’re more interested in seeing art than the artists themselves. In that case, there are dozens of museums and galleries throughout LA—many of which feature contemporary artwork from local artists as well as pieces from around the world.

The Music Scene

LA’s rich music history is one of the best reasons to move here. The city is home to many famous musicians, including Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez. Along with these stars are countless other talented artists who make it their home too—and because they live in LA, they have the opportunity to perform at larger venues than they might otherwise have in other cities.

There are also plenty of venues where you can catch a live show: The Wiltern Theatre and Staples Center host big acts like Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran and smaller gigs at Largo at The Coronet. If you’re looking for something more intimate with excellent acoustics (and isn’t too crowded), check out The Bootleg Theater or Troubadour West Hollywood for up-and-coming bands or comedy shows!

The Sports Teams

If you’re a sports fan, LA is the city for you. The Dodgers and Lakers have both won multiple World Series in recent years. The Clippers have brought home three NBA Championships in the last decade. And the Kings are seeing their best years since they were Stanley Cup champions in 2014. We also have our own soccer team, the Galaxy, which has had its share of success!

LA is home to so many great sports teams that it would be impossible for even a casual fan not to fall in love with at least one of them.

The Weather

  • The weather is perfect.
  • It’s great for outdoor activities, like hiking and running.
  • And you can also bike, swim, or surf!

LA is the best city in the US

LA is the best city in the US. There are many reasons why this is true, but the main reason LA is better than any other city in America is its weather. It may be a bit warm during summer and winter, but it’s never too hot or cold for too long.

Besides having great weather all year round, LA has everything you need to live comfortably: plenty of restaurants and bars, excellent public transportation; enough entertainment options so you never get bored; and plenty of jobs available if you’re looking for work! All these things make it easier for people from around America who want to move there without changing everything entirely from what they’re used to back home.


LA is the best city in the US. It has a great mix of things to do and places to go, it’s diverse, and the people are friendly. The weather is also something that makes a living here enjoyable! We hope you have enjoyed this guide and it inspires you to move to Holywood.

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