7 Reasons you Should Consider a Fiji Honeymoon


7 Reasons you Should Consider a Fiji Honeymoon

As someone who has never been on a honeymoon I am unlikely to be considered an authority on the topic, but I have been lucky enough to do a lot of traveling (even making a living at it sometimes) and have found myself in some of the most romantic places in the world. Some friends recently got hitched and the topic of where to go for the honeymoon naturally came up. Of course all the usual options were discussed and a Fiji honeymoon came up. This intrigued me. Not necessarily because it was completely unexpected, but because I had recently come so close to this tiny network of islands (while in New Zealand) which got me wondering if I had missed out. I did some digging and needless to say a stop in Fiji has been added to my list –and here’s my top 7 reasons why you could consider a Fiji honeymoon:


Duh. I think this is, for many, a required ingredient for a ‘successful’ honeymoon – and a Fiji honeymoon has it in spades. Again, not a secret, but just think: white sand, turquoise waters, and tropical fishes. I think that about covers it.


Smiling, happy people.

Honeymooners are typically in a loved up drunk-like euphoric state so, naturally, you want to be around others who are also happy. These islanders are known for being happy, friendly, and incredibly welcoming to travellers wanting to share in their little piece of paradise (even if just for a week or two).


That’s right – something for those couples who get fidgety after a couple days of laying still. You’ve got everything from Jungle-trekking to diving and snorkelling (that is on par with the best in the world) to sandboarding (aka. Sliding down a giant dune on a body board). No getting bored on a Fiji honeymoon.



For you sport-loving couples out there – Fijians are so absolutely obsessed with rugby that almost every village has a team. There is a country-wide tournament each fall (starting in September) that has each provincial team vying for the title. Even if you don’t love rugby (I enjoyed my 1st match recently in Cape Town!) attending live sports in other countries is easily one of my favourite things to do – it’s a great way to get to know locals and see a little piece of culture and community you might miss otherwise.


Another one of those key ingredients when planning a honeymoon. With influence from Southeast Asia, Fijian chefs blend international spices and methods with local produce, meat, and seafood to offer a wide range of delicious options to suit every palette. Also – because of the cost of importing, most of what you consume here is grown locally so it’s always super fresh.


I doubt you are looking to spend your loved-up week away dripping in sweat or wearing a snowsuit. Fiji offers a nice temperate climate year round – rarely going over 31 degrees Celsius or dipping below 18 degrees Celsius. They do get their share of rain though so be sure to consider that before you book. The driest months are April-December.



If you’re based out of North America (like myself) this probably seems like a really long way to go. But what better excuse to do something different and go a bit further then you might normally go then with a Fiji honeymoon!? You can find direct flights out of some major American cities along the west coast (example – LAX) so it’s not has far as you think.

So if you are planning some upcoming nuptials (or know someone that is) make sure to consider a Fiji honeymoon. You will only regret it if you don’t go (I know I do).


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