7 Best places to visit if you’re a chocolate lover

Do you call yourself a chocolate lover? Then merging your love of chocolate with travelling seems like a pairing made in heaven. Having themed trips can add excitement to your vacation and choosing chocolate as your theme is a tasty choice. Even if you prefer milk chocolate or 100% dark chocolate, you’ll find your next travel destination on this list. Here are the top seven places to visit for chocolate lovers.

Brussels, Belgium

First up on this list of places every chocolate lover should visit happens to be the chocolate capital of the world. The capital city of Belgium is full of high-quality chocolate shops. Chocolate is a serious business here. There are more chocolatiers per square foot than in any other city in the world.

It is also home to two of the biggest chocolate factories on the planet, Leonidas and Godiva. Also consider visiting Musee du Cocao et du Chocolate, where you can increase your chocolate knowledge. The most significant advantage of Belgium over other destinations is that you can find many small independent masters of chocolate. If you are looking for originality, and recipes passed on for generations, Brussels is the place to be.

Broc, Switzerland

Broc is home to the oldest chocolate brand in Switzerland. It’s a village where a famous producer, Cailler, has conducted its operations since 1898. You can visit the factory and finish your fantastic tour in the tasting room with some samples. The Swiss are known for producing quality products and this holds true with its chocolate.

Vienna, Austria

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Have you heard about Austrian Sachertorte? It’s a chocolate sponge cake, coated with apricot jam and covered with dark chocolate ganache. It’s named after Franz Sacher, the creator of this famous chocolate cake, who invented it in 1832. Visit Vienna’s Hotel Sacher and one of the four Sacher shops to get the full experience.

Before you go, please know that the best way to eat the famous cake is with an unsweetened whipped cream and a coffee!

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Turin, Italy

The chocolate capital of Italy is the beautiful city of Turin. Its history with chocolate goes back to the 17th century. Here chocolate is so loved; you can drink it all year round. Take a sip of the cioccolato caldo, the delicious Italian hot chocolate that is available exclusively in Turin. Italy also has to offer a unique chocolate candy, called giandujotto. It is a foil-wrapped, chocolate-hazelnut Italian candy that you will never forget. Please consider visiting Turin in February, as during this time it is a host to the chocolate festival, Cioccola-Tò.

Melbourne, Australia

A little chocolate experience from down under, anybody? Melbourne has a fantastic chocolate-themed offering for a family trip. It is the Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate. This is something between Disneyland and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory type of journey. You can make your own chocolate bars from scratch or steer a chocolate train. You can also expect to see chocolate stalagmites and a whole mosaic wall made out of truffles. Melbourne is also home to the biggest chocolate waterfall in the world!

Bariloche, Argentina

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People of South America are also chocolate lovers, especially those living in Bariloche. It is the most chocolaty place in Argentina. A perfect idea for a chocolate pilgrimage is the venue of Chocolate Dreams, a museum of chocolate. It is the place for chocolate and history enthusiasts. You can explore here both Mayan and Aztec culture and their connection to the production of sweets. If you are already in Bariloche, Mamuschka is a must-see attraction. It is the most famous chocolate shop in Argentina that also has a cafe inside.

Seattle, USA

Last up on this list of places chocolate lovers need to visit is a bit of a surprise. Seattle is home to one of the youngest chocolate bar factories in the USA. Theo Chocolate Tour offers tours with a tasting at the end. Here you can see the process of chocolate making from a cocoa bean to a ready to eat bar. One of the very few places where you can watch the bean-roasting and table-tempering process live. But perhaps the best thing about Theo is its chocolate store where you will find flavours of chocolate from another planet.

Many places in the world are chocolate lover friendly. Choose one from the list to make sure you get the most chocolaty experiences out of your vacation. Everybody loves chocolate, but only a select few will take it to the next level and base a trip around it. Is that you? Let me know in the comments below!

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