6 Breathtaking Melbourne Road Trips

A Photo Walk Along 12 Apostles

One of the biggest perks of living in or around Melbourne is that there are some of the best road trips on offer in Australia just around the corner. Whether you’re looking to explore the countryside, the forests or the coastline, you have everything on offer here, and we’re going to outline some of the best Melbourne road trips for you below. 

Keep in mind that a lot of these road trips are perfect day trips, though, with plenty of motels on the roadside, you could easily slow down, explore and make a multi-night trip out of any of these. 

The Great Ocean Road

What would our list be without the world-renowned Great Ocean Road trip? 

Sitting around 200 kilometres out of Melbourne, you’ll find the Great Ocean Road with its unrivalled ocean views and cliffside outcrops that make the trip one of the most famous across the globe, and so if you’re one of the lucky 900,000 Aussies with a new car this year, according to statistics, you’ll be able to break it in on one of the best trips in the country. 

You will note that the road trip is an excellent full-day-long road trip, and this means that you can easily spread it over a couple of days if you’re looking for a weekend trip that you’ll never forget. 

There are the famous twelve apostles on this road trip and the towns of Lorne and Torquay, and there is the famous Bells Beach on this trip too. 

The Phillip Island Day Trip

If you’re looking to hit the open road, or the EastLink rather, then Phillip Island might be the road trip for you. Given that it’s only 140km from Melbourne and you don’t have to do too much out-of-city driving, you will be well-connected and that means saying goodbye to that road trip anxiety that many of us find ourselves suffering from – no cell service, or easy pit stops, for example. 

Making your way to Phillip Island will only take a couple of hours and you’ll get a great mix of seaside driving, farmland adventuring, city driving and then once you reach the island you will be able to explore the nature parks, see the local penguins and really unwind and relax for the day. 

With the island being just a few hours from the city, you’ll be able to dip out for the day and make it home before bedtime. 

The Great Alpine Road 

For our readers looking to really escape the big smoke, then the Australian Alps and the Alpine Road is going to be your best bet. A few hours northeast of Melbourne you’ll find the Great Alpine Road that will have you heading up to some of the highest points in the country. 

Escarpments boasting eucalyptus forests and winding roadways offer some of the more enchanting imagery around Melbourne and draw thousands of visitors each year. And if you’re lucky enough to find yourself heading into the alpines during the winter, Falls Creek and its famous ski slopes are just around the corner. 

The Dandenong Ranges 

Those who aren’t too keen on hours upon hours on the great open road, we have a suggestion that will take you just fifteen minutes from Melbourne’s outskirts, and that is the Dandenongs!

Though you’re just moments from Melbourne, the forests and untouched landscapes and mountains make it feel as though you’ve travelled hours on end, and that’s fantastic for our family readers looking to take the kids on an outing that doesn’t involve too much time in the car. 


For those who are looking for some extra time in the car, then getting a wiggle on and heading far east will have you experiencing a side of Victoria, outside of Melbourne, that is relatively untouched and going to offer some of the best beaches and most pristine forest in the country. 

One of the rather unknown perks of the Gippsland road trip is the fact that it boasts some of the country’s only alpine villages. This means you’ll have the chance to explore these settlements, engage in some of Australia’s oldest history and have a beer in a local alpine pub to boot!

Take on the Yarra Winery Trail 

To cap off our list of Melbourne road trips, you might be able to stop off your day of driving with a wine on the Yarra Winery Trail. 

Heading out of the city to explore the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley is certainly something you have to experience in your lifetime, and with the hot air balloons making their way over Victoria from the Yarra Valley, you’ll certainly have plenty to look at come early morning in the Valley. 

To add, there are also countless fine dining options in the area as well as places to stay, giving you the chance to absorb and experience the Valley for at least a long weekend in comfort and style. 

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