5 Ways to Spend Your Time in Florida

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So you’ve decided to spend some time in Florida – that’s an excellent choice! Known as the sunshine state, it’s not only a suntan that Florida can offer; there is plenty to see and do. If you love nature, you can swim with dolphins and if you love popular culture visit Disneyland. 

Swim with dolphins 

It might sound like a cliche, but it was a Florida cliche first! Besides, who said a cliche has to be a bad thing? Anyone who has swum with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Florida will tell you not to listen to the naysayers. In fact, swimming with dolphins is the experience of a lifetime. 

If you are heading to Florida for a vacation, check out Discovery Cove, where you can swim with fish or dolphins, play with sea otters, and feed tropical fish. Discovery Cove is easy to find, it’s part of SeaWorld Parks, and can be located in Orlando – why not stay in Orlando FL Hotels.   

Ride the riverboat 

The Jungle Queen Riverboat is world-famous; these tours began in the early part of the 20th Century and use a traditional riverboat for tours along Fort Lauderdale’s historic river. The boat has plenty to offer, including exquisite meals, entertainment, and a view of Florida from the river.

The Jungle Queen Riverboat sets off from Bahia Mar Yachting centre; you will sail down Fort Lauderdale’s New River and listen to a tour guide talk about the history and facts of the area. Then, stand on deck and enjoy the sunshine as you sail through Millionaire’s Row. 

Explore the sunken gardens

If you love exotic plants, fish, waterfalls, and animals, you won’t want to miss the living museum of the Sunken Gardens in St Petersberg, Florida. The Sunken Gardens is an excellent way to spend an afternoon or a day in the shady gardens enjoying native plants. 

These gardens are historic; they have existed for a century and comprise 4 acres of botanical wilderness. Not only can you enjoy walking the area and resting by waterfalls, but you can also have a learning experience with education programs and take some knowledge home with you.   

Go snorkelling 

If you travel 70 miles west of Key West in Florida, you will come to Fort Jefferson, a naval station that was established in the early 19th Century to help deal with piracy in the Caribbean. As it happens, this is also the perfect spot to go snorkelling when you come to visit Florida. 

Dry Tortugas is the site of this magnificent fort and snorkelling location, which can be reached by boat or seaplane. The area is remote and mostly underwater; it is also home to the Florida Keys reef system that is relatively untouched due to its remote location – and you can stay in tents.   

Visit Disneyland 

No trip to Florida would be complete without a visit to the world-famous Disneyland, and it has something for everyone, both big kids and small kids. Enjoy the many world-famous attractions and movie-themed rides that everyone will recognize – the queues are well worth the wait. 

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