5 Travel Essentials to Bring With You On Any Trip

Once you’ve carefully planned your outfits, toiletries and the like, it’s time to focus on travel essentials to bring with you. There are certain things that you’d probably never forget, like your smartphone as one survey revealed that it was a traveller’s most essential item, even ahead of their toothbrush and driver’s license. While you can pick up a toothbrush anywhere, you definitely don’t want to forget your driver’s license, but what about the travel essentials you haven’t thought about? 

No matter what your destination, maybe you just moved into one of the apartments in Arlington, TX and are looking for a break from the chaos on a Caribbean beach or want a thrilling adventure climbing the Swiss Alps, this is what you really need to bring along with you other than the obvious.

Packing Cubes

First up on this list of travel essentials will help you organize. Packing is something just about every traveller struggles with, even those who’ve done it time and time again. Even if you know you should pack light and try to do so, somehow you probably end up waging a battle with that zipper on your suitcase. Of course, that also means you won’t have any room to bring home that special souvenir. That’s exactly why you’ll want to use packing cubes, the ultimate organizer for your travels. They’ll allow you to pack a lot more while keeping it all organized so everything is easy to find. If you keep one empty you can use it for dirty laundry so that soiled clothing doesn’t get mixed up with the clean.

Portable Power Source

With more and more electronic devices necessary for travel, you also need something to keep them charged, filling the power gap while you’re travelling. If you’re on the plane and there’s no USB charging port or place to charge up your laptop, having a portable power source will come in extremely handy, particularly for long-haul flights. And what about the times when you’re miles away from a power source, hiking the trails and your phone and/or camera runs out of battery? No longer will that be a problem as you’ll have your very own along with you that can charge most of your electronic items.

Items for a Peaceful Night’s Rest

For a peaceful night’s rest, you really need two essentials, an eye mask and earplugs. An eye mask can be used on those long-haul flights to help you actually fall asleep under bright lights and when your accommodation doesn’t get dark enough at night. They’re also very handy for trips in countries that experience the “midnight sun” and your room has no darkening shades. For light sleepers, earplugs can be a necessity for sleeping in an unfamiliar place. You never know when you’re going to have noisy hotel room neighbours or a garbage truck right outside your window at 4 a.m. 

Disinfecting Wipes

Last up on this list of travel essentials to bring with you on your next trip is all about staying safe. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us started carrying around disinfecting wipes but it’s probably something we all should have done long before. Don’t forget them now as catching an illness on your flight, or in your hotel room, is the fast track to a ruined trip. Use them to kill germs anywhere while you’re on the go.

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