5 Things You Can’t Forget Before You Start Your RTW Trip

Excitement, adventure, hope, and fear; planning round the world trip comes with many emotions. How to start, how much the will it cost, how will you work, will you be able to manage things alone, and what’s not. There’s nothing more exciting than circumnavigating the planet, meeting new people, and stopping wherever you want. Besides, there are many things you have to consider before booking anything. With that in mind, here are 5 things to know before you start your RTW trip.

Porting Your Phone Number

Losing your contacts is one of the most common dilemmas people face when deciding the overseas travel. One of the easiest and most common ways is to move your phone number to Google Voice or other digital formats.  

For this, sign in to Google Account, log in, and pick a temporary new number. Now from the Google Voice, select menu, click Settings, and select the change/port option. Follow other instructions and pay the registered fee. 

Wait for 24-48 hours to Google Voice to send an email. This way, you will have a dummy number that you can forward to your real phone number.

Get Your Banking in Order

Next up on this list of what to do before you start your RTW trip is all about finances. Telling your bank that you’re departing for an RTW trip is one of the most important steps in the process. Don’t be a victim of credit card cancellation because your activities looked suspicious to the bank. Instead, inform them where you are going and for how long you will be there. 

Doing this will also save you from situations where paying digital money is the only option. You can even add a trusted parent as a signatory on the account to get away from the complications. Here are some other things you can do:

  • Get An Extra Credit Card That Offers No Transition Fee To Foreign Land
  • Setting An Another Bank Account Paying No ATM Fee
  • Setting an online bill pay for upcoming bills

Invest in a Virtual Mailbox

If you are traveling long-term, full-time, or move a lot and don’t want to switch your mail address over and over, a virtual mailbox is what you need. A virtual mailbox is a physical address that you can use as your permanent mail address to divert all your mails. 

When you get an mail, the virtual mailbox service will alert you by emailing the scan of the arrived email. This way, you can ask the mailbox to:

  • Open The Envelop, Scan The Content And Email The Scanned Data
  • Forward It To The Residing Address
  • Shred Or Recycle The Letter

So, research on virtual mailbox services for travelers and pick the one that suits your needs.

Prepare for Missing Important dates and holidays 

Christmas, anniversaries, or birthday, if these special days come when you are on your trip, sending your love would probably be the only thing in your mind.

 So, keep up with all the customs to know how you can send gifts and what things you need to take care of. This is even more important because the world of sending gifts overseas varies dramatically in which country you are present. 

Also, if you juggle remembering dates, set a reminder in your phone calendar. In addition, make sure you have a system to purchase and deliver gifts.

Get Insurance

If you think that having travel insurance is a waste of money, think over! Are your safety and future waste of money? Is your peace of mind a waste of money? Is being prepared for medical emergencies a waste of money? Your answer would surely be no! 

Well, you never know what’s going to happen on your trip. You could either get your bag stolen, get into the accident, come down with a disease, or could get-out completely scotch free. So, contact your insurance agent and get an idea of what’s covered (medical cost, lost luggage, hospitalization) in your policy.

Planning a trip is always a part of adventure traveling and if it’s a round-the-world trip with important aspects streamlined, it’s even more fun experience.

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