5 Tasty Greek Food Souvenirs to Bring Back Home


Whether you are planning a holiday in Greece or you are just coming to the end of one, we have some ideas for the perfect tasty Greek food souvenirs to bring back home with you. We all love gifts no matter how small, whether it’s a tiny pendant or a Greek souvenir t-shirt, anything will do. Sometimes you may find yourself stuck trying to find the perfect gifts to take home even though you have many options around you. Do not worry, we have got you covered.

Graviera cheese

First up on this list of tasty Greek food souvenirs is Graviera cheese. This yellow, semi-hard cheese is made out of cow milk or sheep milk. It is a popular Greek staple that has a great flavour and is just as common as feta. There are different types of Graviera cheese, so you should take your time and taste a few of them before choosing your favourite flavour. If you are looking for the best Graviera cheese in all of Greece, you will find them on the islands of Naxos and Crete. You can buy the Graviera cheese with honey because they make such a tasty combination.


Who does not love honey? Greece is one of the places where you will find high-quality honey. Humans have been consuming honey since the beginning of time, and it has proven to have medicinal and nutritional value. You can purchase honey in most parts of Greece whether it is from a store or directly from the local producers. Bringing back some original Greek honey is a perfect souvenir to share of your travels with your friends and family. Think about the goodness that tasty Greek honey represents. If you miss the chance to buy honey at the local Greek store, you can buy some online via greekbiostore.com.


If you spend enough time in Greece you will come across Tamara, a salted fish roe that is a staple in Greek cuisine and is used to prepare the delicious dip called Taramosalata. Making this delicious tasty dip is easy and straight forward – blend the tarama with bread or boiled potatoes, then add some olive oil and lemon to the mash. If you want to bring back some of your experience while visiting Greece, some white tarama will do just fine.


You cannot go wrong with olives. Greek olives are a highly sought after commodity all over the world and they come in different types. Olives make a perfect combination with lemon juice, vinegar, and sea salt. When shopping for olives, we recommend you try as many as you can to find the perfect one, but they all taste great.

Feta Cheese

Last up on this list of Greek food souvenirs to take him is the widely popular Feta cheese. What this simply means is that it is easy to find and you can easily grab some to bring back home with you. Feta cheese comes in a variety of flavours and you can be sure that they all taste good. You can use feta to make many Greek meals or you can get creative with it.

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