5 Reasons Why Peru Tops my Travel Wishlist

With the end of my 14-month world tour came a desire to sit still. That desire has come and gone. Now I’m looking to get moving again, and Peru is on my radar. Why Peru? It could be because South America was one of only two continents I did not hit on my biggest trip ever. It could also be because of these 5 reasons:

Why Peru? – Machu Picchu!

Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, Peru’s main tourist attraction is full of tourists and yes, a lot of those tourists rock zip-off khaki shorts. Still, they are there for a reason. In short, Machu Picchu is head-scratchingly stunning and I want to see it for myself.


Peruvian Cuisine

I’ve had the meat sweats in Argentina and ate everything from chicken hearts to herb-crusted Filet Mignon (off a sword) in Brazil, but I have never tried whatever they do in Peru. Peruvian cuisine has alluded me until I recently discovered Lomo Saltado. This Asian Fusion dish of stir-fried and soy-marinated beef cooked in a gravy packed with South American flavours is as incredible as it sounds. But why Peru if I can get this dish locally? Surly Lomo Saltado is only the tip of all that is Peruvian cuisine. Plus in Peru, you can get this dish with alpaca.

If you are looking for hotels in Lima, Peru I suggest staying in the Barranco area as it has a high concentration of quality restaurants.

why Peru
OK, maybe I just want to hug an alpaca.

Peruvian Wine

Sticking with the Gastro theme, let’s talk about the emerging wine scene. With the same high altitude and coastal climate as Chile, it should be no surprise that Peru is becoming the wine-producing country to watch. There are five wine regions in Peru producing varying grapes which result in a wide spectrum of wine. Salud to that!

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Jungle Trekking

Most people think of Brazil when discussing the Amazon but did you know Peru has a nice (and accessible) slice of the world’s most famous rainforest? Inside you will find plenty of echo lodges, the Apurímac River (which becomes the Amazon River once it hits Brazil), and these guys:



Last up on why Peru is next on my list is the simple fact that I have not been to South America in a few years. Heading there next I could easily tick off other countries I haven’t been to as part of one hell of a reward ticket. For as little as 60K Aeroplan points I can fly from Canada to Peru WITH stops in Chile and Costa Rica…on one ticket. 110K in business class. Curious how? Send me an email on booking your own awesome reward ticket!

What say you?
Thoughts on why Peru is next for me?
Let’s hear it!

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