5 Mistakes Most Tourists Make in New York City

People from all parts of the world come to NYC to experience its diverse unique charms. Each year, the city receives millions of tourists from across the globe making it perhaps one of the most visited places on the planet. It is so crammed with tourists that you can find or see them enjoying themselves any time of the year, day or night. Not all of them, however, are informed and knowledgeable enough to stick to the ways of living in the mega city. So, they make mistakes often during their visit. You should know what those mistakes are and try not to repeat them in the future.

Let’s look at 5 mistakes that most tourists make in NYC:

Not Using the Sidewalks Properly

Blocking the sidewalks may not appear like a big mistake from the outside but ask any local and you will understand why it’s deemed so. Most tourists are prone to doing it, causing trouble for others and more importantly bringing the flow of traffic to a complete standstill. The crowded Manhattan sidewalks must never be blocked in any way as people here are mostly in a hurry to reach the office and they find such obstructions totally intolerable.

Not Using the Subway

There is a perception among tourists that the subway is complex and daunting. Most of them avoid this mode of transportation in fear of getting lost somewhere in transit. This has to be one of the biggest mistakes tourists make as the subway is not only simple, but perhaps the most cost-effective way to navigate the city. Plus, it saves the inconveniences involved in hiring a cab and the pain of paying even when stuck in the traffic.

Not Booking Tickets in Advance

NYC gets utterly crowed during the peak seasons. Places of interest and attractions become jam-packed here and it’s advisable to do pre-booking otherwise seats can be booked by visitors thronging the city in big numbers. And you’d not like queuing up hours outside your favorite spot in the city. With advance booking of tickets for shows, performances and sightseeing, you can save a lot of inconvenience and some money.

Not Tasting the Local Flavors

Many tourists make the mistake of playing to the gallery when it comes to tasting foods or dining out. They only stick with the glitzy and posh restaurants in the hope of eating great food. It’s a mistake on two fronts – firstly, you fail to see beyond the obvious and secondly, you splurge when things could have cost a lot less. So, next time, try going out of the city districts and try smaller restaurants, food trucks or street vendors to get a sense of local flavors.

Not Choosing the Right Rides in Central Park

We know Central Park bike tours are a great way to explore the 843-acre green oasis. Such tours are very helpful for those who are short on time yet high on the number of places they want to visit in the city.

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