5 Good Reasons You Should Visit Hong Kong in 2019

Many people would agree, including the locals and experienced travellers alike, that a visit to Hong Kong is one of the best decisions to make for any adventure seeker. Hong Kong is popularly referred to as the city which never sleeps in the East due to its ever-lively atmosphere.

While this is a perfect vacation destination, it might not be the best to settle and live in. Some of the primary reasons behind these are unstable politics, and the recently erupted protests which have one point turned violent. The political environment is not the only factor that might make one shy away from living in Hong Kong. The standards of living are pretty high, meaning one will have to be rich for them to afford a half-decent apartment they can live in. Moreover, you may also have to deal with how crowds, traffic jams, and pollution.

All these will not get in your skin when visiting, and if it does, at least not as much as it does the locals. Going there for a vacation will paint a beautiful experience that you will live to remember for a long time, if not for the rest of your life. Getting ready for a trip is as simple as contacting reputable travel companies such as Cathy Pacific.

So what are some of the reasons why you should visit Hong Kong in 2019?

The City Skyscrapers

Forget about the skylines of many other major cities in the world as they cannot match the beautiful skyscrapers Hong Kong has. The feeling you get while viewing the over 40-story buildings, both during the day and night, is indescribable. Upon the 118th floor and 1,608 ft. above sea level lies the Ritz Carlton’s Ozone bar. It’s the world’s highest bar. You are will enjoy incredible drinks while catching a bird’s view of the city.

A Multicultural Destination

With an impactful colonial background, Hong Kong has had a complex fusion of both the East and the west. The culture is unique, but you will still find it simultaneously representing a fusion of diverse backgrounds. You can have western-styled hospitality at your hotel, prayers at Chinese-styled temples and churches, a wide array of cuisines, etc. Besides, the majority of people in Hong Kong understand English, and the streets also have easy-to-read names.


Tasty Local Dishes and Food from All over the World

Hong Kong is sometimes known as the culinary capital of Asia, and it is all for good reasons. To begin with, the local dim sum and other fresh seafood should be given a try. There are also exquisite, delectable international cuisine options.

Unlike the food prepared from other places such as China, the food in Hong Kong does not have strange or intense flavours making them more palatable. Apart from the local foods, you can also try a full range of authentic cuisine from other parts of Asia, Europe, America, and Africa.

The Hiking Trails

Should you tire of the city skyscrapers and the crowds, you can explore the many hiking trails. The picturesque beauty of the sea meets the mountains is quite satisfying, at the “the dragon’s back” or the “Lion Rock”.

Cruising on a Junk

There is no better place to view the city than on a boat. You can take a trip down Victoria Harbor and casual cruising using luxurious junks.

Take Away

There is never a better time to visit Hong Kong as you will not be disappointed by it, in whatsoever way. Furthermore, getting there is easy for travellers from certain countries can have visa-free entries. Moreover, travel has also been made easier by companies such as Cathy Pacific. All you have to be concerned about is who you will have the fun with.

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