The 5 Best Places for Yoga And Meditation Retreats In India

India has a lot to offer but one of the most treasured activities is yoga. This ancient practice relaxes the mind and heals the body from pain and stress. Yoga’s rise in the West has put India on the map for fulfilling yoga trips. For those who yearn for a vacation that leaves them feeling at bliss with their life, these are the best places to go for yoga and meditation retreats in India.

1) Rishikesh

This town is considered the yoga capital of the world and there’s no shortage of options for where you can practice here. Many will do yoga training here so you can go home and teach classes yourself. Its intensive training opportunities are world renowned. The authentic yoga experience will be felt here and enhances any practice.

Rishikesh is nestled by the Himalayan ranges with the Ganges River flowing nearby. This is what makes it a special jewel and a holy setting. There are many yoga schools and ashrams. Gurus, sages, and saints make their home here and you have the opportunity to learn from their teachings. The environment itself is a perfect place to get into your yoga practice.

2) Goa

This popular beach city has long been a hippy destination but it is also a great place to do yoga by the beach. There is a lot of emphasis on Ayurvedic practices here too which is a stem of yoga. Treating your body like a temple through the food you eat is an important aspect of yoga so you can really step up your spirituality game here through both yoga and Ayurveda. When the monsoon season is over, teachers and practitioners flock to Goa. There are many institutes and schools that offer yoga as well as spiritual enlightenment through meditation teachings.

3) Kerala

This area is known as the land of the gods. It is well known for its yoga and Ayurveda also. There are many landscapes here such as stunning beaches, hills, and forest. Due to the richness of the soil here, herbs and spices are readily available.

There is a special kind of yoga that combines Hatha and kalarippayattu which is a martial art. This tantric form of yoga is known as Kalari or “warrior yoga”. It is meant to enhance physical and spiritual powers.

4) Mysore

In the South of India, Mysore is the birthplace of more modern yoga. It is home to Sri Krishnamacharya who taught students BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. They brought the knowledge of yoga to the West. It is the Ashtanga capital so if you love the practice, this is the place to study it. Here, you can immerse yourself in yoga and fall into the Indian way of life.

5) Pune

Close to the city of Mumbai, it is a hub for learning a variety of different kinds of yoga. This is where BKS Iyengar was born as well as Osho, two very important people in the yoga field. Particularly people who practice Iyengar yoga do pilgrimages to Pune in order to practice and study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI). The Osho International Meditation Resort is also here which allows you to practice the Osho teachings.

Whatever you want in a yoga or meditation retreat, there is a perfect place to find it in India. If you like a certain yoga practice, there is a town that specializes in it. When you do the pilgrimage to India to honor your beloved practice, you’ll be fully immersed in an ancient and special experience that is fully authentic and from the source.

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    Great post, this is a nice list of destinations for yoga in India. Goa sounds awesome, a little beach yoga getaway!

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