5 Amazing Things To Do In Houston, Texas

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Houston, a fantastic city, has many impeccable and fabulous attractions to offer to the tourists visiting here. Houston has many things to marvel at, from children’s community shows to outstanding Broadway shows to mesmerizing waterways!

This is the reason why people from all walks and ages of life add Houston to their desirable travel list! After all, you get to witness all kinds of unique activities in the city, be it a concert in Houston or a visit to the Nasa Space centre. The need remains to enjoy the best activity per your preferences as there are ample of them.

If you are also planning to visit Houston, it is always advisable to seek information about these fantastic things that can make your visit impeccable.

Beautiful Things To Do in Houston, Texas

Let us walk through some of the fantastic things you can do on your next visit to Houston. 

Enjoy Houston’s Underground Tunnels

How about exploring North America’s most extensive tunnel system, which is set underground? Houston offers an astonishing tunnel system that tells about the city’s exciting history, which is the perfect activity for any new visitor.

This tunnel system runs for more than 7.5 miles and builds a connection between different famous corporate buildings. Looking at the popularity of the tunnel system, many walking tours have been designed to familiarize visitors with these tunnels and the various aspects associated with the city. 

So, embark on these walking tours and, with the help of guides, learn about some of the fantastic wonders of Houston.

Visit Space Center Houston

As per a famous saying, Houston was the first word that was spoken on the Moon. Thus, it is not surprising that the city is home to one of the best Space Centers, the name of Nasa Space Center. 

Visitors can not only enjoy a walk through the space centre but can also go through fabulous attractions and displays. However, the showstopper is the 747 aeroplane, a perfect replica of the space shuttle independence. Also, you can test the exciting anti-gravity machine space gallery, enabling you to be an astronaut for some time.

To top it all, you can even enjoy a Level 9 tour at the nearby Johnson Space Center. The centre is so popular that it attracts more than about 800,000 tourists every year and also tops the list when it comes to making city travel itineraries. 

Enjoy the Museum of Natural Science

How about visiting a place that can offer exciting attractions for kids and adults? Well, you have the Museum of Natural Science at your hands! Abbreviated as HMNS, the museum is home to fantabulous scientific things and specimens.

Some of the popular attractions in the museum include skeleton mounts, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, a planetarium, three large Quetzalcoatlus, and space station models. Established in 1909, the museum is renowned as the most fantastic museum in North America.

Visit Menil Park

Another exciting place to visit in Houston is Menil Park and its neighbourhood which is a 30-acre place with some superb sites. This is a place for people who are seeking some solace in this city, bustling with energy. 

The place is a must-visit for art lovers as they can enjoy the displays of mesmerizing artworks by Duchamp and Picasso, including more than 15,000 other artworks. 

Apart from this, you can also enjoy exploring Menil park and the beautiful surroundings that add charm to your visit. 

NBA games at the Toyota Center are Fun

All those sports lovers who are seeking something enthusiastic in the city can pay a visit to the Toyota Centre. The centre is home to exciting sports events that can keep you glued to your seat.

Such is the energy of the events organized here that you will find the stadium fully packed in the time of the NBA games. In addition to the NBA season, the Toyota Centre also plays host to other sports events such as WWE events, Eric Clapton, UFC fights, etc.

Final Words

Houston is a city of wonders and has ample activities to lure tourists worldwide. Ranging from sports events to lavish restaurants to a fantastic Space centre at the heart of the town, you have great adventures waiting around the corner.

So, make the most of your visit and get to enjoy exciting events on your next trip to Houston. Happy visiting!

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