4 Travel Behaviours that Can Get You in Trouble

What some people like about travel is that they can cut loose. If you’re in an unfamiliar setting, you might want to pretend you’re someone else. You may act in a way that’s out of character. You should be conscious of your travel behaviours

Remember that just because you’re away from home, that doesn’t mean your actions have no consequences.

Let’s go over four travel behaviors that can ruin your good time in a hurry.

Drinking and Driving

Maybe you drove to your vacation destination, or you drove somewhere for work. It also could be that you flew there, and then you rented a car.

If you decide to consume alcohol, you should know that getting behind the wheel has the same potential consequences that it does back home. In many states, if you have more than a 0.08% blood-alcohol content, you’re over the legal limit and shouldn’t drive.

If you try to drive after drinking in an unfamiliar place, it’s probably even more dangerous. You don’t know the area. It’s more likely you’ll make a traffic mistake, and the police will pull you over.

If you drink, keep those car keys in your pocket, or you’re taking an unnecessary risk. Even if you have a car available, if you need to go somewhere, call a taxi, or look into getting an Uber or a Lyft.

Drinking Excessively

You might also get yourself into alcohol-related trouble while you’re out-of-town, even if you don’t drive. You might start at the hotel bar, then hit the town to see what kind of thrills you can find.

It’s a cliché: the out-of-town businessperson who drinks excessively, then goes to a strip club or tries to get wild and crazy however else they can manage it. It goes back to acting differently because you’re away from home. You feel like you can do whatever you want, and you won’t have to face any repercussions.

Try to reel yourself in if you find you’re drinking too much. If you’re hitting on someone at a bar, and it’s obvious they’re not interested, it’s probably time to call it a night.

Trying to Purchase Drugs

If you’re on a trip, you might decide that purchasing drugs is a good idea. If you go to a tourist trap like Cancun, there are sleazy individuals who stay around the hotels. You can’t go outside without them accosting you, trying to get you to buy coke or marijuana off of them.

If they see a drunk American, they feel like you could be a great target. When they approach you, it might even seem like a splendid idea if you have lowered inhibitions.

Don’t ever try to purchase drugs when you’re traveling, regardless of whether you’re within the United States or outside of them. You probably don’t know what the drug policies are. You might not even know with certainty what substances are legal and which ones aren’t.

If someone on the street attempts to sell you something, you have no way of knowing whether what you’re getting is what the person says it is. They might say they’re selling you cocaine, and it could turn out to be bath salts or something even worse.

Engaging a Sex Worker

Next up on the bad behavior list, some people travel, and while they’re gone, they try to engage a sex worker. Prostitution is illegal in many places, and if you try to pick someone up off the street, you’re breaking the law.

If the police catch you, you’ll face a fine, or worse. It’s probably going to be a humiliating experience, and it could have lasting consequences. If you’ve got a spouse or partner, and they find out, that can cause a rift. It could impact your professional life if your boss finds out.

Also, a sex worker might be underage, which compounds the problem. They might not even be in that business voluntarily.

The best thing to remember when you’re on a trip is that you can have some fun, but you shouldn’t go overboard. If you feel like you’re about to do something potentially foolish or dangerous, it’s time to step back and reassess your choices.  


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