4 Tips to Snap Great Scenic Travel Photos

When you’re travelling you’re bound to encounter scenic landscapes that you want to capture. Snapping great scenic travel photos involves a bit of skill. While there are a lot of different ways in which you can improve your scenic landscape photography, these four tips can go a long way towards helping you to improve them by leaps and bounds:

Increase the depth of field

The depth of field is the area of your photo that is in focus. You will want to increase it so that both the foreground and background are as sharp as possible. The typical way to do so is by using a small aperture setting on your camera so that you end up with a larger depth of field and a greater area of your photo in focus. Smaller aperture setting less light will enter and hit your camera’s sensor, and so you may need to compensate by adjusting the ISO or shutter speed.

Use contrast in scale and colour to create focal points

Contrast can be a powerful tool in scenic travel photos as it will create focal points that draw the viewer’s eye. Whether that contrast is created using colour or using scale, it can dramatically alter the context in which the photo is viewed.

Remember that imperfections can be perfect

Sometimes imperfections could be just what you need to make a scene really pop. A good example of this is the weather itself. Although a sunny day might give you a lot of opportunities, it is not the best condition for photos. Photographing the same scenes on an overcast day might provide a very different and potentially more interesting image.

While those four tips should help the next time you snap photos, post-editing tools like Photoshop Lightroom can take your photos so much further. It will allow you to tweak your scenic photos in numerous ways. You can fix or improve their quality, remove unwanted elements, adjust the frame, and so on. You can even add text to your image as captions to create powerful ‘motivational-styled’ posters.

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