The Setup 2

The Setup

So here it is, all my toys in a row. New to the collection is, of course, the mac, a Washburnacoustic/electric which I got for very cheap, the bongo which I got from Erin for Christmas and a Line 6 midi keyboard. The guitar was a great find and hope to use it for some open mics soon. The bongo is very nice. Erin got it at a craft show in Toronto.She didn’t, however, get me any rythem for Christmas but Im sure that will come.

The cool thing about the keyboard is that it doubles as a recording interface. You plug your mic and instruments into it and then into your computer. I have been pretty busy with the holidays and work (off to YK tomorrow) so I haven’t had much time to play….but it all looks very impressive!

I hope to post some stuff soon. Till then, you know where to find me.

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