3 Things You Should Never Do When Booking Flights Online

As someone that does a lot of travelling and often books things online, I’ve got my fair share of tips to help you get the best value for money from your vacations. Today, you’ll see three things to never do when booking flights online. A lot of you are probably guilty of these bad habits, so cut them out to save a small fortune whenever you set off on your next trip. 

Pay for seats

All airlines will give you an option to choose your seats when booking flight tickets. Awesome, it’s great to know where you’re sitting before you fly! Unfortunately, they charge you to do this. Yep, airlines – that already charge ridiculous fares for flights and luggage – charge you to select your seats. There’s genuinely no logical explanation for this, other than pure greed. In reality, you should avoid paying for seats at all costs. If you travel alone, why bother selecting a seat? Even if you travel with other people, making a group booking will usually mean you sit close to one another. Is it really worth spending extra money just to sit next to someone for a couple of hours? To me, this is one of the biggest rip-offs around, and you should avoid becoming a victim. 

Pay for any add-ons offered

Just before you pay for tickets, you often end up on a page where the airline will offer you all sorts of add-ons. Now, these don’t relate to the flight at all, so it’s completely different from things like extra baggage or seats. Instead, they offer you things like insurance, hotels, or car rental deals. You need all of these things when you go on holiday, but it’s never a good idea to buy them from the airline while buying your tickets. Usually, they have deals and agreements with select companies, meaning you don’t see the full spectrum of offers from everyone else. With travel insurance especially, they usually provide their own insurance or one from one provider. It’s much better to compare prices online for all your different add-ons, allowing you to get the best deals. 

Instantly book through the airline’s site

Don’t always go to the airline’s website when making a booking. Instead, you can use sites like Skyscanner to help you find better deals from third-party sites. For whatever reason, these websites can offer the same tickets at cheaper prices. Nobody really knows why, but you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save when booking flights by comparing prices from other websites. Also, the benefit of booking through a third-party site is that you get to see all the options available. It could be cheaper to book one way with one airline, than the return with another. You wouldn’t know this if you instantly picked an airline and booked everything through their site. 

Each one of these things can end up costing you a little bit of extra cash. They might not seem that costly on their own, but when combined you can end up paying way more for a flight than you needed. So, make sure you never do them when booking online flights, starting from now!

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