3 Reasons To Make Portugal Your #1 Must-Visit Location

2021 is off to an unfortunate start, to say the least. This is putting a swift dampener on any travel plans we may have had amongst other restrictions. 

But it can’t stop would-be traveller from daydreaming about stunning holiday destinations and maybe even planning a post-lockdown jaunt. 

There are countless locations for a globetrotter to re-acquaint themselves with sun, sea and sand, but that first post-lockdown trip should be one to remember. Here are 3 reasons to make Portugal your that first location. 


1. Bask in the sun 

If you’re a fan of beach holidays, Portugal is an ideal destination for you. There are countless stunning hotspots perfect for soaking up the sun and observing dazzling seascapes. 

The Silver Coast and Algarve are some of the most popular locations for tourists. Whether you’re a first-timer or returning regular, the combination of Portugal’s warm, dry climate and scenic coastal glory is sure to take your breath away.

Although sun-soaked beaches may be what Portugal is best known for, the hidden gems of its countryside are worth a look too! 

2. Discover the food 

Whether you opt for an all-inclusive hotel experience or prefer to explore Portugal’s many wonderful local restaurants, there are a few fabulous menu staples you’re sure to come across on any Portuguese dining tables. 

Fresh meat and fish are featured on just about every menu. The latter in abundance as Portugal’s coastline is a prime fishing spot.

Bread and oil are popular for sides and starters but save room for dessert. Portuguese sweet treats are some of the finest delicacies a traveller may ever sample. From the famed egg tarts (Pasteis de Nata) to the leite creme, a local take on the classic crème brulee. 

Also included in Portugal’s proud local produce are Port and Madeira wine. Named after their cities of origin, these make for a luxurious and complementary accompaniment to any meal. 

3. Explore the architecture  

Those who enjoy the living histories of magnificent buildings and towering landmarks won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s rolling hills overlooked by incredible castles or centuries-old structures in the heart of the capital city, Portugal’s architecture offers countless opportunities for discovery. 

Visitors will also come across stunning residential properties including cosy apartments, quaint homes and palatial villas across the country. Thanks to a booming Airbnb trade in the country, you may even end up staying in one yourself. If you enjoy it, you could even snag your very own via Property Lisbon

Portugal’s stunning architecture is sure to capture your imagination. While it’s worth exploring the country’s incredible coastline, make sure you don’t miss out! 

These are just three reasons to make Portugal your next getaway. If you’ve visited before, let us know in the comments what you loved the most! 

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