3 Days in Slovenija

3 Days in Slovenija 3

3 Days in Slovenija – Day 1: Tour the Capital

We arrived in Loobi….Luje-bly….Luuh-bli……..the capital of Slovenia and made are way to the apartment we booked. It was a very nice place but we were not convinced the game would be on local cable. We bar hoped for a bit and asked around. No luck. We found 1 bar that had it but they were closing before the game started. As a last attempt we ended up at a casino but they didn’t have it either. A free drink and 5 euro free playing money later we gave up and headed for bed. The next day we read about the loss online. Good things come to an end.

Before heading off to Bled I hiked up to the castle that overlooks the city. Ljubljana is in a very scenic spot, completely surrounded by mountains. After sweating my way back down Jon and I dined on horse burgers (don’t think it was actually horse meat…or at least I hope) then took a bus with no A/C to Bled.

3 Days in Slovenija – Day 2: Head to Bled

We arrived at the youth hostel in Bled and were surprised to find it was more like a hotel. Very clean and comfortable. We crashed early from our exhausting night in Ljubljana. We got up early the next morning with the intentions of taking an 11 hour hiking/rafting tour but thought 11 hours is a long ass time. Instead we rented bikes and cruised around lake Bled which is absolutely beautiful. Crystal clear water, plenty of fish, an island in the middle with a church on it, and a castle perched on top of a cliff overlooking it all makes Bled one of the most scenic places yet.

(looking down on the swimming area)

After biking the lake we booked a tee time through the tourist office then made the 3K trek out to the course. Exhausted and covered in sweat, we were told that it is not a public course. Dejected and feeling very low, we went sledding instead. Sledding in June? On one of the hills there is a track set up for sleds to go on. Loads of fun and very cool idea. We ended up going three times.

Finally to escape the 30 degree heat we cooled off by swimming in the lake. There is a part sectioned off that has lanes, diving boards, water slides, and a frustrating climbing wall. Jon was up and off that thing numerous times before I made it to the top. After a very active day we went for dinner with some Ausie girls we met then for some drinks.

3 Days in Slovenija – Day 3: Try and head out

The next morning we hiked up to the castle for a great view of the lake. After that, sadly, it was off to the train station. Bled is great and would recommend it to anyone. There is so much to see and do there and there was very little for tourists. I missed out on the hikes and waterfalls but would love to return someday. One of my favorite spots. And amazing what can be seen in only 3 Days in Slovenija.

next up, stop over in Vienna.

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