Concrete 4

My back is killing me. A weekend of jack hammering 8 inches on concrete is literally back breaking work. So as you can see, this is what happens when I have no trips plan. I break stuff. See Shaun try’s plumbing, hilarity ensues.

Other than lacking entertainment I removed the concrete for two reasons, 1) The concrete patio sloped towards the house and 2) The concrete steps were sinking into the house. To my surprise as I started taking out the steps they collapsed and sunk 6 feet. When I had my weeping tiles put in the contractors did not back fill under the steps. I was not happy with that.

I was also not happy to find a second concrete pad under the one I removed.

The lack of posts isn’t because all I have been doing is destroying my house. I have been pretty busy trying to purchase my neighbors house. That way I will have places to play with. Fun!

The market is pretty crazy in Edmonton right now but is cooling down. Hopefully I will have something to report this week.


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