One last day

Our last morning in San Fran was spent hanging around Union Square. No shortage of shops which Allison and Erin…and Justin took full advantage of it.

Around noon we left the Boyd’s to meet up with Basia, a friend of Erin’s who had moved to the bay area not too long ago after her boyfriend got a job with Google. Basia took us through China town to a dirty little restaurant. When we asked if it was good all she could say is “it’s unique.” Now unique usually means good especially if your in the heart of China town. It was not. The experience was definitely unique as the waitress, a lady with crumbs on her face and looked as if she just woke up, barked at us for our order. On top of that our food arrived via dumb waiter. Yes, definitely an experience.

Full up on bad Chinese we continued on towards Coit tower. Having a love for views and being tourists, we made Basia take us there. The view didn’t disappoint:

With that we said our good-byes and made our way to the airport.

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