2012: Bring on the speedo.

2012: Bring on the speedo.

So my yearly look back and look ahead has been understandably pushed back. Not ideal way to bring in the new year with industrial fans and a bare concrete floor. Hopefully all will get sorted out in the next could weeks.

2011 felt like a pretty quiet year but looking back it was packed with travel, new experiences and good times. Chaperoning a group of high school kids in Europe is something I will never forget. Nor will I forget almost losing Erin’s father to the north pacific ocean. Then there was a relaxing trip in Mexico and the numerous weekend trips taken, some to be happily repeated in 2012. Of course there was weddings and more to come in 2012…but then that’s it. Im making that a 2013 resolution. I was also lucky to spend time with my family. Two trips with my grandfather, visits from my mother, father, brother, and  fishing with my uncle. All great times.

Looking ahead I am hoping 2012 will bring a few changes, health being one of them. A goal for 2011 was to get my long time ailing knee under control. I made progress but am far from 100%. Lets call that a carry over resolution. In an effort to escalate the strengthening of my knee and to whip us in shape Erin and I hired friend and personal ass kicker/trainer @jesslynnsmith. Only 2 sessions in and I already feel better. Another goal/resolution, cut back on coffee. This would not normally be an issue but when your dental hygienist asks if you are a smoker it warrants a cut back. Electric toothbrushes followed that visit. I am truly an adult now. Sticking with that theme, more
sleep in 2012. Even a half hour a night would be nice. Yup, getting old.

Getting back to music would be good too. In an effort to push myself to play less video games and more guitar (guess I’m not that old…) I’m gonna set a learn 2 songs a month goal…starting February of course.As for travel, there is already a few things planed. A Birthday in New Orleans (PUMPED) and for the first time I am going south of the equator…

Here’s to a happy  2012!

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  1. Avatarsays: Alfred King

    You are so lucky to have that opportunity to travel. How I wish in the future I
    could travel to a place that I wanted to like Maldives. Or visiting my
    relatives in Europe, I wish I can visit them next year.

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