2010. The year stuff happened. 4

It is now the end of January which means it’s time for my typical year end blog which is of course, typically late. New Years resolution of being punctual…Fail. 2010 started out with a blogging bang. The new move, the Olympics, (my stolen laptop with write ups that I never replaced aside) and an incredible trip through Asia were all well documented. Then my keyboard fell silent. A busy summer kept me outside and away from my computer. Erin and I made an attempt to get out and enjoy the area at least once a week which was great. We biked everywhere, hiked parks and mountains, and even had a weekend kayaking trip. Apart from a good hour of paddling in circles, Summer was good. It did not rain once in the month of July so why would we be inside?

View from The Chief
Erin faking optimism 1/4 up the Grind
Celebration of Light 2010
Kayaking Indian arm
Surprise visit

We also had a steady stream of visitors. It’s funny how not many people came to visit in Edmonton…Now we are double booking.

Then there was the annual fall wedding which included visits with family and a quick trip to Quebec City with a stop in Montreal just long enough to get a Schwartz sandwich.

Once the Rain came I made the mistake of purchasing Xbox live which has pretty much consumed my free time since. Any creative outlet I had has taken a back seat to getting pwned by tweens across the globe. (Go ahead, look it up…I had to.)

So here’s to 2011 and getting back to the basics. For me that is less xbox and more music, sports, travel, and an overall good time.

More to come.

Visiting Erin’s past in Ontario
The wettest day in Quebec City’s history
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