Hey Boo Boo – 12 hours in Yellowstone

Hey Boo Boo - 12 hours in Yellowstone 9

Waking up to 7 foot snow banks was not part of the plan. Snow in the middle of May did not even register when planning this trip. No hiking or camping as intended. The reality however was we were there to see the park, cold weather or not. With only 12 hours in Yellowstone we had to get a move on.

After visiting a grizzly bear habitat we made the short trek from West Yellowstone south to Old Faithful. Along the way we saw our share of sights. Smoking hills, tons of Elk, and tons of bison…and when I mean tons I mean TONS:

After making our way through heard upon heard of bison’s we arrived at the Old Faithful site. Apparently Old Faithful isn’t as faithful as you it’s name may lead you believe. A time line was posted on the information centers door giving an eruption window give or take 30 min. Thankfully we arrived in that window and only had to bear the bitter cold (and I mean BITTER COLD) for 15 minuter. It was neat to see it go off but I had seen better looking geysers in Iceland.

We made our way back north through the park, stopping at a few of the countless hot springs on the way. The pools were crazy looking and ranged in colors from blue to green to orange. Apparently some are extremely acidic and can burn your skin. No skinny dipping in these hot springs.

From there we went and got views of the different falls and canyons in the park. After that it was clear why the place is such a popular spot for tourists.

Finally we made our way to mammoth hot springs which looked like something out of this world:









If you find yourself passing through the area and pressed for time you can see that with only 12 hours in Yellowstone you can still see the major sites and more.

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