10 Tips For Travelling With One Backpack

Packing sometimes can be a scourge and a challenging thing. Travelling with one backpack requires a lot of skill self-control. Even a pro in packing will find themselves fighting the urge to overpack. 

Here are some tips that you should consider to manage travelling with one backpack.

Pack only the essentials: Toiletries

Packing only the essentials means that you are only allowed to carry what you can’t get at the place of your destination. However, this is exceptional if you are travelling to a place that is so isolated. You’d rather save up a little coin to buy some of the toiletries and achieve travelling with one backpack.

You might be wondering where to buy one backpack that will fit all that you need during your vacation. Well, if you want to purchase high-quality travel backpacks for men that are worth your investment, you must consider its size, water protection, its frame and also its compartments.

Lightweight clothing

Consider the material of your clothes. The fabric will tell you whether your clothes are light or not. Ensure you pack and roll up light clothes in your backpack. These types of clothes with light material are so easy to carry and they do not take a lot of space. If you also consider washing them, be assured they will dry up so easily than the heavy clothes. 

Bring your travel books.

Reading as you are travelling is one of the ways that will keep you busy if you are travelling for long hours. However, books are very heavy and can sometimes consume a lot of space in your backpack. You can opt to use a kindle so that you can achieve travelling with one backpack that is also very light.

Roll your clothes

Avoid folding your clothes as this might consume a lot of space in your backpack. You will be amazed at the amount of space rolling up your clothes can save. This is also essential since it ensures you efficiently dig into your backpack without leaving anything that you need to travel with.

Pack some plastic bags.

Plastic bags are used to separate wet and dirty clothes from the ones that are dry and clean. Tagging along with your plastic bags can help you stay organised. This means you will put your clothes in categories depending on how clean, wet or dry they are. This also makes things a lot easier since you will be able to quickly locate anything.

Bring packing cubes.

Packing cubes is one of the ways of keeping things in an organized and proper manner. This is crucial if you are using a backpack that looks like one big pocket. It is not right to keep emptying your whole backpack to get something that is at the bottom. Some of the pro packers say that it aids in fitting more in one backpack.

If possible, bring only one pair of shoes.

Bringing one pair of shoes highly depends on where you are travelling to and most importantly the weather condition of that place. If your destination is a place that does not require you going out, it is best if you only carry one pair of shoes. You can also decide to sacrifice in order to just have ample space in your backpack.

Choose your backpack wisely.

This is one of the majority of things you should consider while travelling with just one backpack. Choosing the best travel backpacks for men is essential when packing for a short trip since you have to make sure it serves every purpose during your vacation. However, our backpacks have the right compartments that you can use to space to the maximum.

Wear the same clothes on both flights.

For you to travel light with one backpack, ensure you wear the same clothes on both flights. This means that you will have ample space to pack the essentials and other clothes. If you are travelling for a weekend vacation during winter, make sure you pack and carry the essentials for you to successfully travel with one backpack.

Pack like a minimalist.

The hardest and the most difficult thing about travelling with only one backpack is figuring out how everything will fit inside. This means that you will only have to pack what you really need during your weekend break. Most hotels have room services so when you need your clothes washed, you can call the laundry services and have them washed so that you can wear them again.


The information is just but an example of some of the things you should consider for you to succeed in travelling with one pack. However, it can sometimes be very tricky and difficult to just pack like a minimalist. Get a good travel backpack for men that will help you travel lightly.

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