10 Reasons Why India is for Any Traveler

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

If one has to sum up all the reasons to visit India in one word, it has to be diversity. This diversity is why India is for any traveler.

When you picture any part of the country there will be myriad images that dance across your mind. There can never be one single picture or image that will describe India. It will always be a collage of millions of pictures that can be India’s ‘profile picture’. That is why India is easily any ardent traveller’s ideal location as there is something for every wanderlust, from snow-clad mountains to deserts, from chaos to silence, from modern pubs to traditional villages, from designer clothes to street fashion.

Here are just 10 (of thousands) of reasons why India is for any traveler.

1) Unity in Diversity

First up on this list of why India is for any traveller is there is diversity in every corner of the country. There are hundreds of languages, so many dialects, customs, religions, traditions, food and lifestyle, yet people live in harmony celebrating the differences. It is such a unique facet that not many countries can claim. Most of all, the country is HUGE. There is so much to see and do for any type of traveler. If sounds overwhelming you can book customized Leh Ladakh tour packages to kick start your Indian adventures.

2) Historical places

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Humayun’s Tomb, Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA 2.0

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and that is why there are thousands or more places that have witnessed the glory and curse of history. India was ruled by many, from the Mughals to the British. You will find numerous monuments and buildings that celebrate the different dynasties. Most of these historical structures are centuries old. You can even count some amazing temples among them as they stand proud examples of the knowledge of yesteryears.

3) The Spectacular Wildlife

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Ranthambore National Park, Photo by bjoern, CC BY 2.0

With more than 600 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where thousands of animals and plants are protected, India is THE place if you wish to see a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. From snow leopards, Asiatic lions, to peacocks and butterflies, India is home to all. The special attraction is the Indian Bengal Tiger, the national animal of India.

4) Architecture

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Mysore Palace, Photo by Ramnath Bhat, CC BY 2.0

Not many countries can boast architecture as a reason to visit however India’s rich heritage can be seen through its splendid architecture. Be it the historical monuments, temples, caves, ruins, Buddhist structures, mosques and even mausoleums where unique architectural styles can be witnessed. No wonder there are more than 30 Indian heritage sites that are listed under UNESCO. You can find Mughal architecture, British architecture, ancient Hindu architecture, Buddhist architecture and more.

5) Spirituality

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Statue of Lord Shiva, Photo by Sam valadi, CC BY 2.0

In India, there is a close connection with religion and spirituality. Both are intertwined yet different. As the birthplace of many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, India exhibits a unique confluence of different beliefs and inherent faith. Of course, as the land where Yoga originated, India is the perfect place to experience deep spiritualism.

6) Fairs and Festivals

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Holi Festival, Photo by Steven Gerner, CC BY-SA 2.0

India is one of the only countries that has a festival every month of the calendar. Each religion, each state, each temple or church, or each district has its own festivals and fairs. What’s more delightful than to arrive in a place and get to be part of a colourful festival?

 7) Food

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Rajasthani Thali, Photo by Connie Ma, CC BY-SA 2.0

Next up on this list of why India is for any traveler is its cuisine. There are 29 states and 7 Union territories in India and you will find at least 100 types of various food habits. From traditional recipes to modern ones that are an amalgamation of Indian and European recipes, you will find all types of food in India. Be it spicy, non-vegetarian or strictly authentic cuisines, you can taste it all.

8) Shopping

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Goa Market, Photo by pixelmattic, CC BY 2.0

Be it modern clothes or handlooms, India is the best place to shop. Each village in India has its own textiles and handicrafts. You can buy everything from souvenirs, clothes, toys, footwear, ceramics, craft items, or jewellery, India is the apt place to buy as there is something to suit all budgets.

9) Culture and Traditions

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Kathakali Dance Form, Photo by Arian Zwegers, CC BY 2.0

At a time when old values and ancient culture are disappearing, India has managed to hold on to them. The temples of India still follow the worship as practised during the Vedic period. Though there is the influence of modern and Western lifestyle, a majority of Indians still adhere to age-old traditions and culture.

10) A Place for Every Wanderlust

10 Reasons Why India Would Appease Any Traveller

Kovalam Beach, Photo by Mehul Antani, CC BY 2.0

India offers something for every kind of traveller. If you like cold weather and snow, then there is Jammu, Kashmir and Himachal.  If you wish to go on a camel ride in a desert, there is Rajasthan. All you have to do is pick what you wish to see and India will offer a place that will go beyond what you hoped for. That is the magic of India.

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