10 Ways to Improve Your Mountain Biking

As soon as the weather gets better, any biker will always want to hit the mountains. Mountain biking is an activity that never gets old; in fact, it gets interesting and intriguing as your experience improves. In this article, I will share with you 10 ways to improve your mountain biking skills. Read to find out a bonus point that will give you the x-factor you ensure that you stand head and shoulder above the rest on the mountain trails.

Setup your Bike Properly

The golden rule of this activity is that no bike means no riding. The bicycle is the main tool of trade in these mountains and I suggest you have a properly set bike. Don’t just randomly pick a bicycle from the basement that you last rode in fifth grade. Instead, make a point of purchasing a bike that will suit you based on the terrains you want to ride on.

Maintain your Bike Properly

Once you get the bike always treat it as an extension of your body. Make sure to undertake proper maintenance regularly to ensure that the bike serves you well. Learn about bike maintenance if you do not know how to repair it yourself. You should also equip yourself with the right bike maintenance tools.

Get the Right Riding Partners

If you want to improve your mountain biking, then you should always ride with more advanced riders. You should join a local bike club and participate in rides with riders who are slightly above you in skill. This will help you learn and increase your skill level easily and faster. Don’t just ride alone, ride with the best in the game.

Develop proper Braking Technique

Riding on the mountains with the best of tricks can only come to life if you can brake efficiently. The objective in braking and stopping is feathering your brakes while on a steep downhill descend or as you approach tight corners. Braking is an important bike handling skill that will help you manoeuvre the treacherous mountain terrain.

Undertake Strength Training

This is a physically demanding exercise and as a result, you need to ensure that you put in the effort to train on your strength. You should focus on training to achieve a strong grip, shoulder, trunk, and arm if you are to make it through the challenging terrains.

Always go for the Cleanest Line, not the Hardest

When on a terrain, always go for efficiency. Choose the cleanest line in the terrain as you will use the least effort. This is particularly important when you are in challenging terrain. Always get through the cleanest line with speed instead of hard lines.

Develop Comfort in the Air

The mountain terrains will always have rocks and jump among other physical features that will make your bike get off the ground. You should start getting used to this as you will find yourself in the air most of the time, especially when doing tricks. You should focus on carrying your speed after landing. Don’t worry if you don’t get a hang of it; this will take some time.

Develop Comfort out the Saddle

Most of the time you will find yourself out of the saddle when mountain biking. As a result, you need to get comfortable out of the saddle. You will also need to learn to position your body well with the bicycle. The need to ensure that you learn to properly coordinate on and offsaddle positions is so that you can concentrate your weight on the pedal. You should also consider getting the right dropper Seatpost to adjust your saddle to your convenience.

Ride on Different Terrain

You should always venture into new terrain that you have not ridden on before. This will ensure that your skills on different terrains improve. Also, ensure that you master trail sections that are difficult to you through consistent practice.

Ride Often and Practice Skills

Finally, you only get better as you practice more. Biking should be fun and as a result, get out there and have fun as much as possible as the adage goes, practice makes perfect. You will also need to practice your skills and tricks on these terrains. Biking tricks is a culture that you must keep. Once you start training on tricks and skills, you will generally become better in mountain biking.


If you can implement the tips I have outlined above, I can guarantee that you will become a world-class biker. The tips given above provide you with the confidence and skills needed to be good at mountain biking. For the bonus tip, get a camera and start filming your rides. This will ensure that you learn past mistakes and relive moments that changed you as a biker. Happy rides in the mountains!

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