Above Cappadocia in 60 Seconds with Voyager Balloons

Voyager Balloons in 60 Seconds

What an amazing experience. I tried to share how awesome my hot air balloon ride with Voyager Balloons was with words and pictures in a previous post but felt that a video was necessary to truly capture the journey. This includes almost dropping the camera over the basket as well as Erin’s fear and gratification once we landed.  How do you get that in words?

I have crossed a hot air balloon ride off my Travel bucket list and am so very grateful I did it with Voyager Balloons, the safest and best operator in Cappadocia. Have a look-see.

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Although I was provided a complimentary flight above Cappadocia from Voyager Balloons,
the awesome experience, film, and words are my own.



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  • Pat White

    Ha! You should have put that camera on a string.

    • shaun_robertson

      I thought about it Pat! Would have made for some interesting shots.

  • Tristan Green

    Love it!

    • shaun_robertson


  • Harly Smith

    Looks awesome mate! You have sold me on seeing the interior of Turkey, especially from Above!

    • shaun_robertson

      That’s great Harly! I have a post coming up on where you should stay when you do eventually go!

  • Phil Sampson

    Awesome. Just Awesome.

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Phil!

  • Lisa Vale

    I’m afraid of heights so this is not for me. Looks incredible though!

    • shaun_robertson

      It’s really not so bad once up there!

  • Victor Scott

    This looks like a lot of fun. I would need the champagne before leaving the ground though!

    • shaun_robertson

      Ha! Would be a nice option hey!?

  • Doug Fossett

    Yes! This looks perfect. Can’t wait to try it for myself.

    • shaun_robertson

      So much fun Doug! Can’t recommend them enough.

  • Richard Dennis

    Cool video Shaun. Love that tune too!

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Richard!

  • Brenda Miller


  • Rob Danza


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