A Slice of Cape Verde’s Beach Life- Destinations in Sunny Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands can be found just off the western coast of Africa and are famous for their intense natural beauty and stunning stretches of golden sand. Tourists love Cape Verde’s sunny climate, which makes this the perfect all inclusive cruise holidays to enjoy beach hopping as well as a range of other outdoor pursuits.

Cape Verde is the closest tropical archipelago to Europe and features a large number of different islands for visitors to explore and taking the island cruising. Some of these islands are flat and feature an excellent range of amenities, while others are covered the dense vegetation and are particularly hilly and peaceful.

The lively island features its own international airport and is the first port of call for most visitors to this part of the world. Many travellers head straight to the village of Santa Maria, which is located on the picturesque southern coast on the island and boasts lots of resorts to choose from. Visitors will also be able to take their pick from many beaches here, while Santa Maria’s nightlife scene is particularly vibrant. Alternatively, sun worshippers that are looking for somewhere a little more tranquil should come to check out the beaches that are located on the edge of the traditional village of Espargos.
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São Tiago is home to Praia, which is the capital of Cape Verde and this attractive urban centre is perched high on a rocky plateau, offering impressive views of the rest of the island from a number of lookout spots. The north of the island is also home to the city of Tarrafal, which is famous for its stunning sandy beaches, while in the heart of the island lies the village of São Domingos, which is nestled in a lush valley that is the ideal hiking spot for nature-loving visitors.

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In addition to featuring the lively city of Mindelo, the island of São Vicente also boasts its fair share of beaches for visitors to unwind on and enjoy cruise. Those who have a love for architecture can also spend time wandering through the winding streets of Mindelo and admiring its two-storey colonial houses.


The large island of Santo Antão is the greenest island in the whole of the Cape Verde archipelago and is a popular all inclusive island cruise among travellers and nature lovers. Visitors can easy spend a week exploring the many hiking trails that lead through the valleys here, while the mountainous terrain of the island of Brava makes it another great hiking destination that should not be missed.

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